Employees of the Month - December 2019


Cool Spring Primary School

Employee of the Month

Jennifer Bareford


Cool Spring Primary School is pleased to recognize Mrs. Jennifer Bareford as the Employee of the Month for December 2019.  Mrs. Bareford serves as a second grade paraprofessional, and is truly dedicated to meeting the needs of the students she works with in class, as well as throughout the entire school.  Mrs. Bareford is willing to take on additional roles and responsibilities as needed and is a true team player.  Mrs. Bareford is always professional and willing to assist other members of her team.  She is well respected by her fellow colleagues and is an essential member of the CSPS Team.  She is highly deserving of this recognition.


Acquinton Elementary School

Employee of the Month 

Hannah Larney


The Acquintion Elementary School Employee of the Month for December is Ms. Hannah Larney, our Art Teacher.  Ms. Larnery is a first year teacher and the students have quickly learned to love her art class.  She is a committed team member here at AES and you can always find her lending a hand to other teachers.  Her colleagues have shared the following:

  • “Ms. Larney is a first year teacher that has made such a positive impact on our school. Our students look forward to having Art each week because of her creative lessons and her willingness to help all of her students succeed. Ms. Larney is also a team player and will help whenever anyone needs her and without hesitation. For example, she just designed a beautiful backdrop for our fourth grade musical performance in November.  We are so lucky to have such a talented teacher and artist at Acquinton.”
  • “Ms. Larney is positive and helpful, even when we add to her already full workload.  She has shown such enthusiasm and is a beautiful fit to our wonderful Resource TEAM!  We all love working with her and love her attitude! She helps our students find their hidden strengths.”

The Acquinton Family is proud to honor Ms. Larney as the Employee of the Month for December.



Hamilton-Holmes Middle School

Employee of the Month

Rachel Abbott


Hamilton Holmes Middle School is proud to announce Rachel Abbott as December’s Employee of the Month.  She is always smiling and is a great advocate for the arts! Many of our students frequently express how much they love band this year. Rachel worked very hard to put on a beautiful winter concert, showcasing her students' learning. She did this as a brand new young teacher, without the foundation of an established music department. She puts in long hours, even when it is no longer marching season, as she builds up her band program from scratch. Rachel doesn't complain and rarely asks for help as she tries to tackle the challenges of being a new band director.  Rachel steps up to every responsibility and is there to support the other members of our HHMS team. We are very proud to have her as part of our Viking Team! 



King William High School

Employee of the Month 

Joyce Carter


The King William High School employee of the month for December is Mrs. Joyce Carter.  King William High School is a special place thanks to special people who go above and beyond their assigned roles.  Mrs. Carter is an excellent example of this, and she does it all with a smile! She is upbeat, positive, and always willing to step up and help.  During the week of school before the holiday break, Mrs. Carter brought in donuts for the entire staff. This is just one example of how she is always thinking of others and how to lift them up.  This year our, "Be That One" initiative is focusing on "Making a difference." Mrs. Carter does this every day, and we are grateful to have her as not only a member of our team but one of the quiet helpers who makes King William High School a great place to work.  



King William School Nutrition

Employee of the Month

Ashley Payne


The King William Food & Nutrition Program is proud to name Ms. Ashley Payne as the Employee of the Month for December 2019, based out of Hamilton Holmes Middle School.  Ms. Payne started working as a Full-Time School Nutrition Staff member in September of 2019.  She has dedicated herself to learning all she can about the “why’s” and “how’s” of the school nutrition and is always eager to learn new tasks within the department.  Ashley always maintains a positive attitude and is always wearing a smile.  She is a valued member and great asset to this department.

Ms. Payne and her significant other of 6 years, Robert, have 2 daughters; Serenity, age 4, attends the Head Start program at Acquinton Elementary, and Harmony, age 2.  Ashley is a life-long resident of King William County, residing here for 27 years.   Ashley enjoys working in the School Nutrition Department because she likes interacting with the students and enjoys seeing them smile. She enjoys the interaction with the other School Nutrition staff members and always contributes to an enjoyable, fun work environment.  In her spare time, Ashley enjoys spending time with her children and her family.  We are delighted to have her as a member of our family.

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