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Summer Work for Advance Classes

Advance Hisotry and Science Classes for 2015-16 - no summer assignments

Advance English Classes for 2015-16 - Read 4 novels or earn 10 or more accelerated reading points.

HHMS Employee of the Month - Lew Phillips

Hamilton-Holmes is proud to name Mr. Lewis Phillips as June’s Employee of the Month.  Mr. Phillips has been teaching various subjects for fourteen years at HHMS.  These include English, Mathematics, and Physical Science.  This school year, Mr. Phillips took on teaching a new subject, Physical Science, to eighth grade students.   He has made his class come alive with experiments, presentations, class made roller coasters and many other innovative projects to assist his students with learning the content. 

HHMS Employee of the Month - Dave McCracken

Hamilton-Holmes Middle School is proud to name Mr. Dave McCracken for Employee of the Month for May 2015.  Mr. McCracken has been teaching in King William for thirty years, all at Hamilton-Holmes Middle School.  Presently he is teaching Algebra I and Geometry to eighth grade students.  Mr. McCracken is an outstanding mathematics teacher.  He is innovative and uses a wide variety of strategies to teach mathematics.  His students are very successful on the Standards of Learning Test each year, with many making advanced scores.  Mr. McCracken is well respected by his students and former students.  He often has former students return to HHMS to visit or be tutored in mathematics.  Mr. McCracken has coached sports, taught music, and directed plays at HHMS.  It is with great honor that HHMS names Mr. McCracken for this award.

HHMS Employee of the Month - Andrea Eisenberger


Hamilton-Holmes Middle School is proud to name Andrea Eisenberger as Employee of the Month for April 2015.  Mrs. Eisenberger came to HHMS last August as a graphic arts and visual arts teacher.  Because there were many students that wanted to take visual arts, Mrs. Eisenberger willingly agreed to section off a portion of her room to allow for this additional course.  That is just one example of teamwork displayed by Mrs. Eisenberger.  During the months of February and March, Mrs. Eisenberger organized the Pennies for Patients drive and collected over $1400.00 in donations for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Foundation.   She is an innovative teacher that continuously looks for ways to challenge her students through the arts as well as keep herself abreast of new ideas within her field of study.  One way that Mrs. Eisenberger continues with her life-long learning is by presenting at the Art Conference in North Carolina to teachers across the state. It is with great pleasure that we honor Mrs. Eisenberger with this award.

HHMS Employee of the Month - Wyatt Hicks

      Hamilton-Holmes Middle School is proud to name Mr. Wyatt Hicks as Employee of the Month for March 2015.  Mr. Hicks has been teaching math to middle and high school students with disabilities for four years.   While Mr. Hicks’ presence commands the respect of the students, he is a caring teacher with high expectations for learning and his students respond well to his teaching.  Mr. Hicks values learning and strives to engage each student through the learning process.  He continuously looks for ways to keep his students engaged using various teaching strategies.  Mr. Hicks has a great rapport not only with his students but with parents as well.  He continuously looks for ways to encourage students to get involved with extra-curricular activities while maintaining their academics. In addition, to teaching, Mr. Hicks serves as a football and basketball coach for intramural and high school sports as well as leader of the Gentlemen’s Club.  It is with great pride that we honor Mr. Hicks with this award.

HHMS Art Students celebrate President’s Day

     What do you get when you mix Pop Artist Andy Warhol with Contemporary Portrait artist Chuck Close? The answer: Gigantic and colorful, Presidential portraits. In celebration of President's Day, Hamilton-Holmes Middle School art students learned about the art movement known as Pop Art. Students also studied the work of American painter and photographer Chuck Close. Chuck Close achieved fame as a Photorealist, through his massive scale portraits, which included using a grid system.




HHMS Employee of the Month - Mary Ann Johnson

     Hamilton-Holmes Middle School is proud to name Mrs. Mary Ann Johnson as Employee of the Month for February, 2015.  Mrs. Johnson is a graduate of James Madison University with a degree in accounting. She has worked in many capacities for King William County Public Schools for twenty years.  

HHMS Employee of the Month -Jessica Pegram

Hamilton-Holmes is proud to name Ms. Jessica Pegram for January’s Employee of the Month.  Ms. Pegram has been teaching mathematics for ten years at Hamilton-Holmes Middle School and currently serves as the Math Lead Teacher.  Teachers often go to Ms. Pegram seeking ideas to use for math instruction.  She is extremely organized and applies new strategies to her classroom to help students use higher level thinking skills as well as incorporating technology skills.  Ms. Pegram is a team player, provides daily remediation to her students, and meets with individuals after school to tutor them on math skills.  It is a pleasure that Hamilton-Holmes names Ms. Pegram for this award.

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