WordMasters Challenge

The WordMasters Challenge™ is a national vocabulary competition that consists of challenging analogies with high-level vocabulary words. Participating English classes at HHMS are enrolled in the 8th grade Blue Level challenge as one team this year.


Meets are held in the classrooms three times per year as paper-pencil multiple choice analogy-solving tests. Teachers may select their own test dates within the window for each meet. See the timetable below.


For each of the three meets, the student scores are reported to the WordMasters Challenge™. The scores are compared to those from public and private schools across the country.


A few weeks before each meet, teachers will receive a list of 25 words for the students. Students need to learn: part of speech, definition, and other forms of the word. Students need to practice relating these words to each other, as well as to the previous word lists. You can visit http://www.wordmasterschallenge.com/idea-gallery for ideas on working with the words.


The words are presented in logical pairs in the WordMasters Challenge™ meets. The meets are cumulative.



Word List Available

Meet Schedule

Meet #1


Test Window 11/16/15-12/4/15

*Scores due to WM by 12/11/15

Results available 12/28/2015

Meet #2


Test Window 2/1/16-2/19/16

*Scores due to WM by 2/26/16

Results available 3/11/2016

Meet #3


Test Window 4/4/16-4/22/16

*Scores due to WM by 4/29/16

Results available 5/13/2016