First Grade News Flash


At Home Connections


Strategies for helping your child at home:

*Help your child pick a room in your house and create a map.  Don’t forget to include a map key and a compass rose.

Strategies for helping your child with math at home:

    *Help your child find, copy and extend patterns in your home.

  *Have your child use items in your house to create and extend patterns.


Strategies for helping your child with math homework:

  • one section each night (teaches routine)

  • use manipulatives to help your child (cereal or other small items they can manipulate to find the answer)

  • use chalk boards / white boards to make it fun


  • Current study of Focus:

    Reading / Language

  • visualizing - creating a mental picture

  • making connections - to themselves, a book or an experience



    Word Study - Fundations Unit 2, week 2


    Writing - Using capitals, punctuation and appropriate spacing when writing


    Math - Patterns - repeating patterns and growing patterns


    Social Studies - Maps - reading maps, recognizing symbols, compass rose and map legend.  Learning how to draw a map.


  • Resource for  Oct 12-16

    Monday - Computer    

    Tuesday - Music

    Wednesday - PE

    Thursday - Art

    Friday - Computer

  • Dates to Remember


  • Oct. 16 - Homecoming

  • Oct. 23 - 1st grade pastries for parents 8:00 am

  • Oct. 26-30 Book Fair week