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Students in English 9 will focus on studying and defining a variety of genres—or types—of literature. They will also develop terminology, skills, and tools for interpreting literature to use throughout one's school career. To help prepare each student to function in later courses requiring high levels of verbal and written literacy, the course will also focus on media literacy, vocabulary and grammar skill development. 

  • Welcome!

    Welcome to Mr. Hurley's 2013-2014 English class! Feel free to read over the syllabus, which includes a materials list.

  • Open House Wednesday 8/28

    Don't forget to come to Open House this Wednesday, August 28: walk the halls, meet your teachers, pay fees, and update student data forms.

  • A note about due dates

    I will post assignments under class assignments. The due date will always be an odd day. If your class meets on an even day, the assignment will be due the next even day. For example, the syllabus is due on September 5 for odd day students (as identified in the assignment description), however, for even day students it will be due September 6. 

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