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    This website has lots of freebies for kids and adults alike!   Please sign up for the free Lego Club magazine.  You can even choose the option to add the girl's version to the free subscription and get both!   



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    Our Class Activation Code is unique to our classroom. Use this code to place Scholastic Reading Club orders online!



    Orders are due the first of the month with the exception of December when they will be due the last day of school before Winter Break.   Thank you!

  • No Breakfast on late days!

    This is just a reminder that should we open late due to bad weather, breakfast is not served in our cafeteria!   Please ensure your child has something in their tummy to carry them until lunchtime!  Thank you!

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    Ms. Swiney's Photo Gallery 
    One Book, One School
    OBOS 2015
    Chief of the Hoonah Tribe
    Ms. Swiney's Trip to Alaska 2009
    Ms. Cook
    Ms. Swiney's Trip to the Appalachian Mountains 2009
    Ms. Cook
    Ms. Swiney's Trip to the Kennedy Space Center 2008
    Think about how these relate to habitats and seasonal changes.
    Ms. Swiney's Trip to the Richmond Metro Zoo 2008
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