Art 8  

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Art 8 is a semester course designed to further enhance student’s individual skills and talents in the visual arts (at an advanced level) along with developing an art vocabulary and exploring art  careers. 

Emphasis will be placed on art history and the Elements of Design which include line, color, form, texture, space, shape and value. 

Students will also learn to incorporate the    Principles of Design which include balance,      emphasis, harmony, variety, gradation, movement, rhythm, and proportion.

When applicable the art curriculum will be used to reinforce the SOL’s of core subject areas.


  • Art Fee and Supplies

    Art Fee: $10.00

    Supplies needed:

    •Baby wipes

    •Pack of pencils
  • VMFA Field Trip

    Please note students will have lunch at the museum. Below is the link to the menu at the BEST cafe.

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