Dear Parents,

          As we begin the second quarter, we will be learning new skills.  It is important that we keep practicing all skills as we move through the year.  As reading affects writing, writing also affects reading!  In all writing, even explaining how a math problem was solved, encourage your child to correct their writing.  We teach COPS in the classroom. 

          C is for Capitalization

                   Capitals where they DO belong and none where they don’t!

          O is for Order

                   Is it in the correct order? Does it make sense?  Does it have a subject (a ‘who’) and a  predicate (a ‘what’ or action)? 

          P is for Punctuation

                   Proper punctuation, NOT period! 

          S is for Spelling. 

        Your child should be practicing the spelling patterns they have learned in first grade and so far this year.  They are not responsible for spelling words like ‘crocodile’ correctly! Writing is scored 4 points per sentence.  If they miss any capitalizations, they lose that point.  If they have multiple capitalization errors, they do not lose extra points. 


The boy ran after them.

C O P S = 4pts


the frog jumps into the Pond.

C O P S = 3pts


Where did they go!

C O P S = 3pts


Score: 2 of 12 missed


       I hope this helps!  If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.  Thank you so much for everything that you do!  It makes a world of difference in your child’s learning and development!


Thank you,

Ms. Swiney