Social Media

The one thing I deal with the most is Social Media among our young people. We as parents use social media but guess what, The social media sites that we use are not the half of it. Yes our kids use some of the same sites we know but our kids are looking for and using sites that we don't know. Our kids are looking for privacy on other sites. I encourage parents to learn more about the different sites our kids are using. I also encourage you to monitor your childs devices on what they are sending and receiving.

Here are some sites your children may be using and remember they use some of these sites for privacy and what they post only stays up for a little while then it is deleted automatically.

1.) Facebook

2.) Instagram

3.) Twitter

4.) Pinterest

5.) Vine

6.) Reddit

7.) Tumblr

8.) Kik

9.) Snapchat

10.) Pheed

11.) Wanelo

12.) 4Chan

As you can see there are probably allot of these you have never even heard of. Please research each one of these and it will help you understand how these sites are being used and why our kids are using them. Also it is important to educate our children about bullying and cyberbullying using social media. When threats are put in wrinting it is a Felony in the state of Virginia.