Advanced Life Science  

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  • Directions for submitting project online

    Part A Saving your organelle project in Movie Maker.

    1.  Save your project using the save as tab on the left of the movie maker screen to Mrs. Slack’s flash drive.  The file should be titled your name and have the extension. Wlmp.

    2.  Next click the SAVE MOVIE tab on the right tool bar.  Choose for a computer.

    3.  Give the file your first and last name.  Make sure the file type is Windows media video file. Save it to the desktop.  It will take a few minutes for it to convert the format and save.  Give yourself at least ten minutes.

    Part B   Submitting the project online

    1.  Go to the KWCPS website.

    2.  At the top of the page choose schools then HHMS

    3.  On the left side of the HHMS website choose teacher websites.

    4.  Choose my name from the list

    5.  On the left hand side under classes choose Advanced Life Science (The webpage is called Advanced Life Science and there is a picture of a water fall on the page.

    6.  In the assignments box you will see Cell Analogy Video, the assigned date and the due date.  Click on submit assignment.

    7.  A new box will appear and ask you for your first and last name.  Please type them in on the appropriate lines.

     8.  Then click on choose file-you will need to find where you saved your movie-should be the desktop.  It will not upload if your file extension is wlmp.  If you file has this extension you need to go back to Part A step number 2.

    9.  Then click upload.  This may take a few moments for it to upload.  Once it is has completely uploaded you will receive an upload complete message. 

    10.  Remember the due date and time for this project.  Sunday October 18th at 9pm no exceptions.  You had four days in class to complete this project.

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