King William County Public Schools will provide a high quality education for all students to become productive members of their community.

Mission Statement

The King William County School Division provides instruction in a challenging atmosphere to meet the educational needs of all students by supporting the efforts of the professional team and encouraging community involvement.


  • Teamwork will be developed in the schools between all stakeholders, which will translate into a positive perception of the “culture” of each school in the community.
  • The highest quality education will be provided for each student while meeting, and exceeding, state and federal mandates in a safe, disciplined and secure environment.
  • All levels of King William County Public Schools will take ownership of the educational process and be accountable for demonstrating professionalism and leadership.

Division Priorities

  • Ensure successful student performance on Standards of Learning assessments
  • Implement an articulated K-12 program of instruction including career education, special education, gifted education, and a program of alternative education
  • Continuously assess and plan for the environmental and safety issues affecting student achievement
  • Emphasize the importance of parent involvement and community partnerships in our community education
  • Pursue professional development opportunities for all faculty, administration, and staff to enhance the quality of student learning

Policy Manual Information

A copy of King William County Schools' Division Policy Manual is located in each of the school libraries, the county library, and the central office.