Employee of the Month


King William County Schools

Lewis. K.

King William High School
Kim Lewis

Kim Lewis is the employee of the month for King William High School.  This time of year a lot of us get sick, have a cold, or don't feel well.  It makes me proud knowing that we have the best nurse around to keep us healthy. Mrs. Lewis goes above and beyond her job description.  She truly looks after staff, students, and KWHS as a whole. Mrs. Lewis provides medical advice, consistently keeps us up to date on health-related topics, assists students during their recovery from a concussion or injury, and is there for staff and students mental well-being.  In addition to everything else she does, she often is rolling students around the building in a wheelchair!  Mrs. Lewis is the definition of a first responder and caretaker.  This year as we focus on  "lifting each other up," I cannot think of a better example than Mrs. Lewis.

Galgano, H.

Hamilton Holmes Middle School
Heather Galgano

Hamilton-Holmes Middle School is happy to announce Mrs. Heather Galgano as Employee of the Month. Mrs. Galgano has shown her dedication to her students for seven years at Hamilton-Holmes Middle School.  She works to build strong rapport with all students in the school, not just those she teaches. Mrs. Galgano has served is as a mentor to many of her colleagues,  and has serves above and beyond to ensure the English department is informed and well-represented in the plan for continuous improvement in our school. It is important to note that she is always willing to represent our school at the state level in order to ensure that our voice is heard when analyzing standards and standardized tests.   Mrs. Galgano is a valuable member of our faculty, and we are lucky to have her on our team!

Tupponce, G.

Acquinton Elementary School
Gail Tupponce

Acquinton Elementary recognizes Mrs. Gail Tupponce as our employee of the month.  Mrs. Tupponce is a third grade math/science teacher who greets all students daily, encourages each student to reach their fullest potential, and she loves each student who walks through her door.  She is enthusiastic, passionate, and a strong advocate for all her students.  Mrs. Tupponce  creates meaningful cross curricular lessons that encourage critical thinking, collaboration and hands-on learning.  As a veteran teacher, she inspires colleagues and collaborates with them to ensure all students are successful.  We are proud to have Mrs. Tupponce as part of our AES family.

Harrell, B.

Cool Spring Primary School
Brandon Harrell

Cool Spring is pleased to recognize Mr. Brandon Harrell as our Employee of the Month. Mr. Harrell serves as a full time evening custodian, and he is truly dedicated to ensuring the building is clean and well maintained for our students and staff.  Mr. Harrell is willing to take on additional roles and responsibilities as needed and is a true team player.  Mr. Harrell is always professional and willing to assist other members of his team.  He is well respected by his fellow colleagues and is an essential member of the CSPS Team. He is highly deserving of this recognition.

McBride, E.

King William County Support Services'
Ethan McBride


Mr. McBride is often seen throughout the district scrambling to find solutions to the various issues that arise with technology. He is known for quickly solving problems, but his contribution to KWCPS is much more than that. Mr. McBride spends a large portion of his time working on maintaining and improving systems that allow our technology to work consistently. Much of his work is behind the scenes and largely goes unnoticed. The limited network down time KWCPS users experience throughout the district is evidence of this work. Mr. McBride will often come in early and stay late to make sure our students, faculty and staff have functioning technology. ALL faculty requests are explored, experimented and vetted and Mr. McBride goes out of his way to try and accommodate each and every request.

The Hamilton Holmes construction project has been an especially busy time for the technology department, and Mr. McBride has stepped up to handle the additional responsibility while maintaining all previous duties. He has been flexible when plans change at the last minute, and has hustled to provide the least disruption to our students, faculty and staff. Mr. McBride’s commitment to KWCPS is evident and the KWCPS community greatly appreciates all of his work!

Davis, Liz

King William Schools' School Nutrition
Liz Davis

The King William Food & Nutrition Program is proud to name Ms. Elizabeth “Liz” Davis as the Employee of the Month for January 2019, based out of Cool Spring Primary School. Ms. Davis has served as the School Nutrition Manager at Cool Spring Primary since August 2015, but has worked in School Nutrition since 2012.  Liz is dedicated and committed to executing her position with excellence.  She brings many ideas to the table in an effort to improve the department.  Ms. Davis is always eager to learn and expand her knowledge of the School Nutrition Department. She always maintains a positive attitude and always greets everyone with a welcoming smile.  She is a valued member and great asset to this department.

Prior to starting her career in School Nutrition, Ms. Davis was a dental assistant and full-time mom to her son, David “DJ”.  Liz and her son DJ reside in Essex County, VA.  She has lived there for 30 years. Liz enjoys working in the School Nutrition Department because she likes interacting with the students and she finds it rewarding knowing she is contributing to helping provide healthy meals for our youth. She enjoys the interaction with the other School Nutrition staff members and always contributes to an enjoyable, fun work environment.  In her spare time, Liz enjoys reading, painting gardening, putting together jigsaw puzzles, visiting new places and spending time with family.  We are delighted to have her as a member of our family.