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Rachel Ball

Rachel Ball

Rachel Ball, Principal

Dear Cool Spring Families,

I am humbled by the opportunity to partner with you as the principal of Cool Spring Primary School.  As a former graduate of King William County Public Schools, I am deeply invested in the successes of our students within this division, and I am committed to ensuring our students receive a high-quality education. Our mission is to build relationships and to lay the foundation for life-long learning. Each day, we reiterate our school motto to mold our young students’ minds and behaviors:

Cool Spring is a learning place.

Cool Spring is a caring place.

Cool Spring is a safe place.

Cool Spring is a learning place: We feel a heightened responsibility to ensure students have a solid groundwork in the core content areas, specifically reading and math.  We recognize that reading paves the way for future academic achievement, and our teachers work diligently to ensure students are immersed in a balanced literacy program.  We capitalize on opportunities for learning to be meaningful and relevant, and our teachers challenge themselves to continue their development as ongoing learners as well.


Cool Spring is a caring place: Cool Spring is known for the positive relationships our teachers and staff develop with our students and families.  Our students are enthusiastic about learning, and our teachers provide a nurturing environment where students are supported and challenged.  We appreciate parental involvement and support as we work together to make this year meaningful and successful for your child.


Cool Spring is a safe place:  Safety of our students is a priority at Cool Spring, and we hold our students to high behavioral expectations.  We welcome parental involvement, and we encourage you to seek opportunities to volunteer and show your child that you are jointly invested in his or her education.  We appreciate that you respect our policy of checking in with the office when visiting our building.  We know that in order for learning to take place, our students must first feel safe and supported at school.


We welcome your feedback and look forward to working with you and your child.  Feel free to contact me at (804) 769-3434 or for more information.

Best regards,

Rachel P. Ball


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