HHMS Gives to the Local Animal Shelter

Pennies for Pets

 During the drive, students were asked to deposit money into class  buckets.  Daily totals were kept and recorded for the students to see inside the atrium.  Seventh grader, Olivia Phillips, announced the daily leaders over the school’s intercom, along with the “Humane Thought of the Day”.  “Besides collecting money, I wanted the student body to learn about humane issues such as spaying/neutering, heartworm prevention and the negative impact on chaining dogs,” stated Tina Oberg, fund drive coordinator.  

     The top donating grade level was the 8th grade.  “Giving to the pets made me realize some pets do not have a home,” student Ashlye Schramm stated, “donating made me feel relieved that help will be given to homeless animals in need.”   

     Laurie Betts, manager of the Regional Animal Shelter, received a check presented by 8th grade students, Principal Martin Darby, bookkeeper Veronica Rosso and drive sponsors Andy Washington and Tina Oberg, along with the Pennies for Pets mascot, Theo (with his owner Claire Lazzaroff.)  “This tremendous donation will help so many displaced animals in our community,” Betts stated.

  Special thanks to HHMS Bookkeeper, Veronica Rosso for helping with the funds which were sent to the bank daily.

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