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January Calendar


January Calendar

School Closing

Due to inclement weather conditions, King William County Schools will be closed on Thursday, December 13, 2018.  Employees follow Code 4 - Twelve-month employees and custodial staff report at 10:00 a.m.

School Closing

Due to inclement weather, King William County Schools will be closed on Tuesday, Decmeber 11, 2018.  Employees follow Code 6.

December 2018 Calendar

December image

HHMS December Calendar

HHMS Employee of the Month - Calvin Darity Calvin Darity

Hamilton-Holmes Middle School is happy to announce the Employee of the Month is Mr. Calvin Darity. While Mr. Darity is new to Hamilton-Holmes Middle School, it is important to mention that he is new to his position as well.  He has been tasked with developing a new program, learning the culture in a middle school, and identifying the educational and social needs of his students. Mr. Darity is working diligently to make the School Within a School program a huge success.  He is dedicated to our students. On numerous occasions he takes on students, who were not assigned to him, just to help them out. He never turns a child away who needs assistance. He is truly making a difference with some of our students who need us the most. Mr. Darity is a valuable member of our faculty and we are lucky to have him on our team.

November 2018 Calendar



 November Calendar

HHMS Employee of the Month - Tess Bogue Tess Bogue

Hamilton-Holmes is pleased to announce Tess Bogue as October’s Employee of the Month.  Mrs. Bogue has been an incredible help and resource to new members of our faculty. She is always willing to collaborate with her colleagues to ensure consistency for our students. She is available to lend support to her peers when challenges surface working to identify resolutions to every issue. She is a wonderful team player!  She accepts each student for who they are, and she tries her hardest to reach every student and is very accommodating to all. She is always smiling, spreading positive energy to the eighth grade hallway. Her classroom is extremely structured, yet fun and interactive.  We are lucky to have Tess Bogue as part of our Viking family.

HHMS Bookfair - November 5 - November 9

The Bookfair is on the way!


The Scholastic Bookfair will be at HHMS November 5 through November 9!  We will also be hosting an online Bookfair.  Click here to check out the great variety of books that will be a the fair or shop in the comfort of your own home.  


HHMS Employee of the Month - Robin Davis Robin Davis

Hamilton-Holmes Middle School is excited to announce September’s Employee of the Month, Mrs. Robin Davis. Robin works across all three grade levels to serve the students at Hamilton-Holmes. Most importantly, Robin strives to build relationships with her students and all of her colleagues.  We can always depend on her to provide her expertise in any given situation.  While she takes care of the physical well-being of the entire student body, she is often the “go to” person when students simply need someone to listen.  Mrs. Davis was tasked with making sure all sixth graders had their T-Dap shots up to date. This process is tedious and she always takes meticulous efforts to complete this efficiently.  She often works after the day has ended to properly complete data entry to keep records current, ensuring that we properly meet the needs of all those she serves. Mrs. Davis is a strong asset to Hamilton Holmes Middle School and we are very lucky to have her as our nurse!

October 2018 Calendar

October 2018

Club sign up

Club sign up 


Notice is hereby given that the School Board of King William County will hold a Public Hearing on Tuesday, October 16, 2018 at 6:00 p.m. at Hamilton Holmes Middle School to receive input from employees, parents, residents, and organizations regarding the 2019-20 School Budget.  The regular meeting will begin following the public hearing.

SafeSchools Online Training Program

SafeSchools Online Training Program can be accessed by clicking the link https://kwcps-va.safeschools.com/

The login information instructions can be accessed by clicking here.


Back to School Information

The Back to School Issue containing information from each of our schools and the Bus Routes for 2018-19 are attached below:

Back to School Issue Information

Bus Routes - CSPS & AES     REVISED 8-20-18

Bus Routes - HHMS & KWHS

Returning Student Registration

You will need to complete the returning student registration form for each of your children. This can be done online at any time. Once you are logged in to the parent portal, you can complete the form from the link at the bottom left side of the page.

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Returning Student Registration

You will need to complete the returning student registration form for each of your children. This can be done online at any time.

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This is a notice to inform you that the phone lines at KWCPS are currently down.  We are working to resolve this issue and we thank you for your patience.

Flyer for Sports Physicals - Deadline to Register June 2, 2018

Click here to view a copy of the flyer on sports physicals.

HHMS Employee of the Month - Karen Groover Groover

Hamilton-Holmes is pleased to announce Mrs. Karen Groover as the Employee of the Month.  Mrs. Groover has worked at Hamilton-Holmes Middle School for six years. She has worked in a variety of roles in order to support the needs of all of our students.  Karen supports the teachers and students in the classroom, and often volunteers to go above and beyond to support a colleague who may be in need. She is commended for being an active committee member for the Fine Arts Festival, assisting with the planning phase, as well as helping to host the event for the entire day.  Mrs. Groover has made it her personal quest to model community service, and she consistently provides opportunities for the Jr. Beta Club to give back to the King William community in the same fashion. She exemplifies the meaning of the phrase, “team player.” We feel fortunate to have Karen Groover as a member of our Hamilton-Holmes team!

Physical Flyer for Sports Physicals

CLICK HERE to view a copy of the flyer on sports physicals.

CLICK HERE to view a copy of the Acknowledgement of Limited Relationship form.

HHMS May Calendar

May Calendar  may


The Bookfair is Coming!!!


The Scholastic Bookfair will be at HHMS April 30 through May 4!  We will also be hosting an online Bookfair.  Click here to check out the great variety of books that will be a the fair or shop in the comfort of your own home.  


HHMS April Calendar

flowersHHMS April Calendar

HHMS Employee of the Month - Crystal Kelly C Kelly

The Hamilton-Holmes Vikings are pleased to announce Crystal Kelly as our Employee of the Month.  Crystal is a veteran teacher who continues to reflect and improve her instructional practices daily.  She makes it her personal quest to provide her very best for her students!  She seeks every opportunity to provide engaging activities for her students, while making the students’ mastery of content her priority.  She provides individualized instruction to offer remediation and enrichment for each of her students.  Mrs. Kelly is a master of organization, structure, and classroom management.  Crystal is dedicated to perfecting her teaching strategies to ensure that she is a master of her craft. It is a privilege to work beside her as she serves our students.

School Calendar Reminder

REMINDER - Friday, March 30, 2018 will be a full school day.

Inclement Weather Delay

Due to inclement weather, the schools will be closed today, Friday, March 2, 2018. Employees follow Code 6.

HHMS March Calendar

srockMarch Calendar    

Letter to Parents

Letter to Parents 2-23-18

HHMS Employee of the Month - Samantha Dixon S Dixon

Hamilton-Holmes Middle School announces Samantha Dixon as December’s Employee of the Month.  Ms. Dixon has served the students of Hamilton Holmes for four years, yet she has the skill set and work ethic of a veteran teacher.  When she sees a challenge or issue that needs to be addressed to improve instruction for our students or functionality of our school, she tackles the issue and “spearheads” a solution.  We commend her for her ability to seek a positive answer to every question and a true team approach to every obstacle.  She leads her department in collaborative efforts, and always keeps the best interest of our students in the forefront.  We are very thankful to have her as a member of our school team.

Governor's STEM Academy

Stem Academy

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HHMS February Calendar


Inclement Weather Closing

Due to inclement weather conditions, King William County Schools will be closed on Thursday, January 18.  Employees should follow Code 2.

Future Focus Fair

Future Focus Fair

HHMS is again hosting the Future Focus Fair for students in Grades 5-8 and their families.  This year's event will be on Monday, January 22, from 6:00 to 7:30 PM.

Visit representatives from Bridging Communities Career & Technical Center, the Chesapeake Bay Governors School, Rappahannock Community College, and the Air Force JROTC Program.  

Students and parents will be encouraged to visit display tables representing CTE, STEAM-related electives, and others offered at HHMS and KWHS.  


School Calendar Adjustments

Due to the recent inclement weather and loss of instructional time, the school calendar is being changed to the following:

KWHS and HHMS students will NOT have exams.  (DE students will still have exams for those courses.)

January 23rd will now be a normal school day for all students.
January 24th will now be a normal school day for all students.
January 25th will now be a normal school day for all students.
January 26th will now be a normal school day for all students.

HHMS January 2018

HHMS January Calendar - 2018

HHMS Chorus and Band Performance - Dec. 18


Join us for the Holiday Band and Chorus Concert

at the HHMS Gym

December 18, 2017

6:30 P. M.

HHMS Employee of the Month - Christie Davis Christie Davis

Hamilton-Holmes Middle School is proud to announce that the November Employee of the Month is Mrs. Christie Davis.  Mrs. Davis has been teaching in the King William County Public School System, for thirteen years.  Her priority is to build relationships with all of her students, and she goes to great lengths to ensure that her students know that she is always an advocate for each of them.  On any given day, during each class exchange, former and current students are lined up, awaiting the opportunity to speak to her.  Sometimes they simply arrive to say hello; however, she often assists them as they work through daily middle school challenges.  When entering the cafeteria, one can often find Mrs. Davis having lunch with her students, as they share the events of their day.  We value her continuous positive energy and commitment to her students.

HHMS December Calendar

December 2017

Football Champions KW Raiders

Congratulations to the 11U Raiders for their 4th Championship win!!!  

HHMS Employee of the Month - Barbara Taylor B Taylor

Hamilton-Holmes Middle School is excited to announce that the October Employee of the Month is Ms. Barbara Taylor.  Ms. Taylor is a veteran teacher for the King William County Public School System, working for the division for 21 years.  She works across all three grade levels to serve the students at Hamilton-Holmes. Most importantly, Barbara Taylor strives to build relationships with her students and all of her colleagues.  We can always depend on Ms. Taylor to provide her expertise in any given situation.  While she represents our school as the chairperson for the Student Teacher Assistance Team, Barbara has offered her leadership as the interim chair for the Special Education Department.  Her peers describe her as a dedicated and compassionate educator.  Ms. Barbara Taylor is an invaluable member to the Hamilton-Holmes team, and we thank her for her service.

HHMS November Calendar


HHMS Fall Bookfair -

The Bookfair is HERE!!!


The Scholastic Bookfair will be at HHMS October 25 through October 28!  We will also be hosting an online Bookfair.  Click here to check out the great variety of books that will be a the fair or shop in the comfort of your own home.  


HHMS Employee of the Month - Val Pinkney Val Pinkney

Hamilton-Holmes Middle School is happy to announce that the September Employee of the Month is Ms. Valerie Pinkney.  Ms. Pinkney joined King William County Public Schools last year as a 6th grade English teacher, and has transitioned smoothly to the 8th grade hall this year.  Ms. Pinkney has shown her dedication to her students and the education profession for the past 19 years as she worked to build strong rapport with all students in the school, not just those she teaches.  Ms. Pinkney is serving as a mentor this year, and has gone above and beyond to ensure her mentee is receiving all necessary support.  Ms. Pinkney is an active member of the English Department, working to revamp the Pacing Guide and create Writing Wednesday materials.  Ms. Pinkney also brings ELL experience to our students and volunteered to collaborate with our ELL Coordinator as we deliver services to our English Language Learners. Ms. Pinkney is a valuable member of our faculty and we are lucky to have her on our team!

HHMS October calendar

HHMS October Calendar

Club sign up

click here

School Nutrition Program Update

The new MyPaymentsPlus Program is up and running.  We apologize for the inconvenience.

Returning Student Registration Returning Student Registration

Complete the returning student registration this summer and make open house a breeze!

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Rising 6th Grader Meet and Greet - August 17, 2017

Greetings New Viking Families,

It is an honor to serve as your new principal at Hamilton-Holmes Middle School!  We have a great deal in common as, together, we will begin this journey as new Vikings this 2017-2018 school year.  With that in mind, our new assistant principal, Jennifer Perry, and I would like to welcome you to Hamilton-Holmes at a Meet and Greet on August 17th, from 6:00pm-7:00pm.  This is an optional opportunity specifically designed for all rising 6th grade students and their parents.  Mrs. Perry and I wanted to offer this experience in order to answer questions that may arise with our 6th grade students.  While this experience does not take the place of Open House, it allows for the administration to provide information that is specific to sixth graders, as we know that “new beginnings” can cause some anxiety for students and parents.  We will take a tour of the school, practice with lockers, discuss common questions about a middle school schedule, and explore academic expectations for sixth grade students.  If you are interested in joining us, please RSVP by completing the  6th Grade Meet and Greet Registration Form, (https://goo.gl/forms/3mhlkFn1HO5A4qZq2) or call the school 769-3434 in order to register.  We look forward to meeting you all soon.  Best wishes for an enjoyable and relaxing summer! 


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HHMS Awards Assemblies

8th Grade is Friday June 9th at 9:00

7th Grade is Monday June 12th at 9:00

6th Grade is Monday June 12th at 10:00


HHMS Employee of the Month - Omari White Omari White

Hamilton-Holmes Middle School would like to recognize Coach Omari White as the Employee of the Month for June.  Throughout this school year, Coach White has worked to build relationships and connections with the students of HHMS.  If a student is having a hard time in a class or just needs someone to talk to, they know Coach White will be there and will help.  Coach White serves as an exemplar role model every day and further supports our students by sponsoring the Gentlemen’s Club. 

Coach White is always willing to step in and go the extra mile to help out.  Coach White doesn’t look for recognition for the additional things he does, like supervise 7th grade lunch or cleaning the cafeteria.  He is truly humble and selfless as he supports HHMS and our community.  Coach White sincerely cares for the students he supports and wants the best for their future.  We proudly recognize Coach White as the June Employee of the Month. 

HHMS Employee of the Month - Edna Washington Edna Washington

May Employee of the Month- Edna Washington

Hamilton-Holmes Middle School would like to recognize Mrs. Edna Washington as the Employee of the Month of May.  Mrs. Washington is the welcoming face of HHMS and the calming voice on the phone.  It is not uncommon for students, parents, and staff to stop by Mrs. Washington’s desk for a quick check-in or a pick me up.  She is always there to listen or help get you on the right path.


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HHMS On- Line Bookfair

The HHMS Bookfair will be held May 2 - May 5 at the library.

 We are also hosting the HHMS Online Bookfair.  Click below and check it out!

HHMS Online Bookfair

HHMS Employee of the Month - Julie Peck Julie Peck

Hamilton-Holmes Middle School would like to recognize Mrs. Julie Peck as the Employee of the Month of April.  Mrs. Peck is a supportive and caring teacher who helps her students any way that she can.  She is one to never give up on her students and works hard to provide them with the tools they need to be successful in her class and beyond.  Students in Mrs. Peck’s class learn how math plays a role in their everyday life and how it impacts them.  However, the greatest impact comes from Mrs. Peck’s connect and devotion to each and every student. 

In addition to her responsibilities as a classroom teacher, Mrs. Peck also serves as a grade level leader.  Her preparation as well as her abilities to organize and plan has been instrumental in grade level events this year.  Mrs. Peck’s ongoing service and dedication makes Hamilton-Holmes Middle School a better place.  We proudly recognize Mrs. Peck as the April Employee of the Month.

HHMS Employee of the Month - Tina Oberg Tina Oberg

Hamilton-Holmes Middle School would like to recognize Mrs. Tina Oberg as the Employee of the Month for March.  Mrs. Oberg is a strong and supportive mentor to her students.  She works to develop and mold their creativity while inspiring their appreciation for the arts. The artwork Mrs. Oberg’s students create add character to our school and help brighten the hallways.

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Community members are invited to attend a presentation of the proposed 2017-18 School Budget by Dr. David O. White, Division Superintendent, on Tuesday, March 21, 2017 beginning at 6:00 p.m. in the Hamilton-Holmes Middle School Atrium prior to the regular School Board Meeting.


KWCPS will dismiss 2 hours early today as scheduled. All after-school activities are canceled for this afternoon. The Parks and Recreation after-school program will remain on the normal schedule.

VRROOOOMMM!!! King William Racing Night - February 25th Chase and Jay visiting HHMS

Come out to the Richmond Coliseum on Saturday, February 25th @ 7pm to support our school and cheer HHMS students and racing superstars, Chase and Jay, as they race around the arena in 1/2 scale stock cars.  Tickets for this race are only $16!  You can receive a FREE Kids ticket (12 & under) with your purchase of an Adult ticket.



HHMS Gives to the Local Animal Shelter Pennies for Pets

     Hamilton-Holmes Middle School sponsored the Pennies for Pets fund drive to benefit the Regional Animal Shelter.  Students raised $1,104.45 to help the rescue efforts of the homeless and abused animals in the community.  All funds will be used for the shelter’s Sunshine fund which helps with spray/neuter surgeries, medical treatments for sick or injured strays, adoption promotions and special accommodations like dog treats and toys.    

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HHMS partners with Arena Racing USA

Come out to the Richmond Coliseum on Saturday, February 25th 7pm to support our school and cheer on two of our students, Chase Burrow and Jay Seward, as they race around the arena in 1/2 scale stock cars.  Tickets for this race are only $16!  You can receive a FREE Kids ticket (12 & under) with your purchase of an Adult ticket.


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HHMS Employee of the Month - Christie Davis Christie Davis

Hamilton-Holmes Middle School would like to recognize Mrs. Christie Davis as the Employee of the Month for February.  From the start of the day to the dismissal bell, you will find multiple students stopping by Mrs. Davis’s room to check in and say ‘Hi’.  Both current and former students are drawn to the charisma and support Mrs. Davis projects.  It’s not uncommon for Mrs. Davis to have to remind visiting students that it is time for class, but they can check in with her at lunch or the next class change.  

The connection Mrs. Davis works to establish with her students consistently carries over to her classes.  This rapport and respect strengthens the opportunity for meaningful class discussions while also building a positive classroom environment.  Students know that Mrs. Davis is someone they can talk and laugh with and will always be there to listen.  These connections are what make our school a better place.  We proudly recognize Mrs. Davis as the February Employee of the Month.

HHMS Future Focus Fair Join us and learn more about elective opportunities

HHMS Future Focus Fair

Join us and learn more about elective opportunities

Grades 5-8
Hamilton Holmes Middle School Gymnasium


6:00 pm to 7:30 pm


Click here for more information


Pennies for Pets Fund Drive Ms Lazaroff with Theo, her rescue pup!

Hamitlton-Holmes Middle School teacher, Claire Lazaroff, helped kick off the Pennies for Pets fund drive with her rescued puppy, Theo. Students enjoyed the special visitor while witnessing the special connection between a once shy, homeless animal, with his new loving, owner. The drive will be held from January 23rd-February 3rd.

All donations will be given to the King William Regional Animal shelter. The top donationing grade level will receive ice-cream sundaes. 

HHMS Employee of the Month - Brett Burch The Incredible Mr. Burch

Hamilton-Holmes Middle School would like to recognize Mr. Brett Burch as the Employee of the Month for January.  Mr. Burch is the definition of an unsung hero for our school.  He is someone who gets to work early and then volunteers to stay late to help set up for an after school activity.  Without question, Mr. Burch is constantly ready and willing to go the extra mile to help anyone in need.  From students to staff, Mr. Burch is always one that can be counted on to step in and work to make a difference. 

From character to academics to athletics, Mr. Burch holds high expectations for his students.  He truly cares about those he works with and is a pivotal role model in the lives of those he mentors.  Our school is truly a better place with the impact Mr. Burch has had over the last ten years and continues to make each day.  We are proud to recognize Mr. Burch as the January Employee of the Month. 

Bus Assignment Adjustments

This message is for parents & guardians of middle and high school students living in Kennington, Black Walnut, and Central Crossing. The following bus assignment adjustments will take effect Monday, January 2nd, 2017.

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HHMS Spelling Bee Winners HHMS Spelling Bee winnners

HHMS Completes Spelling Bee


Congratulations to our HHMS spelling bee winners! These students will represent our school at the King William County Spelling Bee on January 12 at 4:00 PM at AES.

Photo from left to right:  Kyla, David, Colton, Jonathan, Guy 


Geography Bee Winners! Geo Bee Winners

Congratulations to our HHMS National Geographic Bee School Champion, 8th grader Tyler and runner-up, 7th grader Matthew! 

Tyler is our three-time champion - please wish him good luck in the state level of the competition!


Photo and Story: Kim Tupponce, TAG Teacher

HHMS Employee of the Month - Valerie Pinkney Val Pinkney

Hamilton-Holmes would like to recognize Ms. Valerie Pinkney as the Employee of the Month for December.  Most are not able to tell that this is Ms. Pinkney's first year with the division. From the start, she has developed partnerships within the school staff and has worked to apply her extensive educational experiences to enhance our school's programs.  Ms. Pinkney has created strong connections with her students and strives to foster an appreciation of literacy throughout her instruction.

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Winning Turkey Trot Tee Shirt Design Winning Tee Shirt Designer

Congratulations to Hamilton-Holmes Middle School student, Natalia  (8th grade)



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Art Classes Celebrates Native American Heritage Month Students working on Native American Art Project

In celebration of Native American Heritage Month, Art 7 students created a functional, three-dimensional rain stick using cardboard, craft sticks, tape, rice, paint, feathers, and paper mache'. "It was fun to make, I liked using the Native American symbols because they all tell a story," student Emma Toney said. 

Christmas Wishes

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HHMS Employee of the Month - Barbara Taylor Barbara Taylor

Hamilton-Holmes would like to recognize Mrs. Barbara Taylor as the Employee of the Month.  Ms. Taylor’s reach is not confined to one room.  Her daily impact is seen throughout the school with her ongoing support and positive attitude.  There is often a line of students waiting to check in and talk with Ms. Taylor every morning.  Ms. Taylor is always placing her students in positions to be successful and never fails to goes the extra mile to ensure students are receiving an encouraging educational experience. 

Ms. Taylor has also stepped in this year to provide support and guidance to our staff in meeting the needs of students who may be struggling.  Her leadership and experience working with students has been instrumental in setting our students up for success at Hamilton-Holmes.  We are privileged to have Ms. Taylor as a member of the HHMS family and are proud to have her as our Employee of the Month.

Native American Research Project

Native American Indian Resources

Check out the resources here to help with 

6th Grade Native American Reports


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HHMS Bookfair

November 7 - 11

Open during Parent /Teacher Conferences 11/7

Check it out!!

Our online Bookfair will be from November 1st until November 21st.




HHMS Fall Dance

SCA is sponsoring the Fall Dance

Friday November 11, 2016.

The Dance will be from 3:15 PM to 5:30 PM

Cost for admittance is $6

This fee will cover the dance, two slices of pizza, and a drink for the student.

Students will be picked up behind the school at the bus loop.

Parents must make arrangements for students to be picked up by 5:30 PM

Click here if you need a Permission Slip

HHMS Employee of the Month - Veronica Rosso V Rosso

Hamilton-Holmes would like to recognize Mrs. Veronica Rosso as the Employee of the Month.  Mrs. Rosso recently joined the Hamilton-Holmes family as the school’s bookkeeper in July and has been an outstanding addition to our school.  From her first day, she has jumped into any situation to help without hesitation.  Even when planning the division’s teacher convocation, Mrs. Rosso stepped up to sing the Star Spangled Banner and received a standing ovation. 

Mrs. Rosso always makes sure that everyone is taken care of and that everything is in order.  She consistently works behind the scenes to take care of the students and staff of Hamilton-Holmes from balancing the books to leading our recent Muffins with Mom program.  Mrs. Rosso was pivotal in making our first Muffins with Mom for the school year an outstanding success.  We are so fortunate to have Mrs. Rosso as a member of our school and know that she will continue to bring a smile to the face of everyone that she meets.  It is clear why the staff of Hamilton-Holmes recognized Mrs. Rosso for our Employee of the Month.

HHMS Fall Festival



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Picture Day


Fall Picture Day 

October 14th!

Information will be coming home the week of October 4th.

Back to School Night

Back to School Night


6PM to 7PM

Please join us Thursday for Back to School Night - it is a great opportunity to meet your teachers and check out your student's learning environment.


Sign up for clubs here

Click Here

HHMS 2016-2017 Supply List

Open House will be August 31st 2:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Click here for the supply list for each grade and related arts class.



7th and 8th Grade Athletes - Sports Physicals - June 14


     King William Medical Center and Linda Mitchell, FNP are offering


At King William High School

June 14th from 2:00 to 4:00

                Click here to print out copy for parental signature

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HHMS OM Team Finished 5th in State Competition

Congratulations to the HHMS Odyssey of the Mind team that competed in the State competition on Saturday, April 16th.  The team earned 5th place!!  

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Dr. White Takes Oath of Office as KWCPS Superintendent

Dr. David White took the Oath of Office at the King William County Courthouse on April 22, 2016 as he prepares to join KWCPS as Division Superintendent in May.  Supported by family members and former colleagues, Dr. White is excited to be joining the KWCPS family and is looking forward to building upon the successes already established within the division.  He has expressed great admiration for the administration, faculty and staff for the work that they have done, and is very appreciative of the warm welcome that he has experienced from those whom he has met thus far.

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HHMS Student Honored for Poetry

A seventh grade student at Hamilton Holmes Middle School won an Honorable Mention award in the Poetry Society of Virginia's 2016 Youth Contest. A judge commented as follows on his Poem "Heroes": "I like the drum beat of "Heroes," and the "winds" that drive this poem on to its conclusion. This device and magnificent imagery drive this poem to Honorable Mention."

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Bus Transportation Announcement

King William County Public Schools (KWCPS) has been notified that road maintenance on Route 30 will be taking place between now and the end of the school year.  Specifically, crews will be paving near the Caroline line and between Black Gum Road and the West Point town limit.  This road maintenance may affect KWCPS bus schedules.  We thank you, in advance, for your patience. 

Foreign Language Textbook Adoption: Community Input Requested

KWCPS will be adopting new foreign language textbooks to be used starting in the 2016-2017 school year.  The community's input on the selection is requested. Textbooks will be on display from April 5-29 in the KWHS Library.  Please stop in, peruse the textbook samples, and share your input.  

3-D I.M.A.G.E.S. for Middle Schoolers!

RCC invites Middle School Students to a Spring STEM Academy to reimagine creativity and experience 3-D imaging. For more information and to register, CLICK HERE!

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HHMS Employee of the Month - Robin Davis

Hamilton-Holmes Middle School is proud to name Mrs. Robin Davis as the Employee of the Month for April 2016.  Mrs. Davis received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the Medical College of Virginia/Virginia Commonwealth University.   She has been the school nurse at HHMS for fourteen years and is very active on the Hospitality Committee and the School Health Advisory Board. She trains bus drivers in correctly handling blood borne pathogens and prepares their supplies for emergency situations.  Mrs. Davis has been married for thirty-three years, has three children, and one granddaughter.  She enjoys reading, kayaking, singing, playing the guitar and violin.  As an active member of the music program at Colosse Baptist Church, she is able to make a difference by working directly with the youth in the community. It is with great pleasure that we honor Mrs. Robin Davis with this award.

KW's OM Teams Successful at Regionals

Success!  AES sent two teams to the regional Odyssey of the Mind competition on Saturday, March 19th.  The teams competed in the No Cycle Re-Cycle vehicle challenge and the Stack Attack balsa challenge and both took 2nd place.   The HHMS OM team won 1st place in the balsa challenge for Division II and will compete at the state level on April 16th in Newport News.  

Congratulations to these teams!


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Freshman Orientation Tonight

Attention 8th Grade Students and Parents: Freshman Orientation will be held tonight, March 17th, in the KWHS Gym at 6:00!

HHMS Teacher Presents at EdTech

HHMS Gifted Education Teacher Mrs. Kim Tupponce presented an Ignite Talk at the EdTech conference last week.

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6th Grade Orientation Video

Welcome to 6th Grade at HHMS!

HHMS Art Student Receives 1st Place

HHMS Art 8 student's self-portrait All Smiles won 1st place in the 2016 VSBA Student Art Contest (Eastern Region). It will now travel to Charlottesville for dispay and then will go to VDOE. 

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Rising 6th Grade Orientation

Rising 6th Grade Orientation

(Current 5th Graders)

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Time:  6:30 - 8:30

We hope that each of the fifth graders at Acquinton Elementary and their parents will join us for the rising 6th grade orientation.  Students and parents will have an opportunity to meet the teachers, learn about the academic programs, and tour the building.

We look forward to meeting all of our rising 6th graders and their parents!





Powtoons Link

Powtoons Link

HHMS Sponsors a Tennis Shoe Drive

Students at Hamilton-Holmes Middle School are collecting used tennis shoes for third world countries. If the tennis shoes are too worn out to be used, they will be donated to Nike to be recycled into mats to be used for playgrounds and tracks.

     With winter upon us, now is a good time to clean out closets and recycle tennis shoes you have not been wearing.  Missing a tennis shoe? We will take the one left behind.  Our Tennis Shoe Project will run through April 1st.

     Any size, any condition and any type of tennis shoe will be accepted. Please make sure to clean any loose dirt before turning them in. They do not need to be washed. Just tie them together and give them to a HHMS student. Students will turn them in at HHMS each Tuesday for a shoe count. One excellent aspect of this project is that it involves no cost to those who participate. The project is being sponsored by the Student Cooperative Association.

     Green collection boxes have also been placed in the Essex Bank branches in King William and West Point, EVB Central Garage, 360 Hardware and the King William Pharmacy for tennis shoes. If there is a question please call Bianca Cabrera, the SCA Sponsor or Mary Ann Johnson, HHMS Bookkeeper, at 804-769-3434 ext. 517.

Employee of the Month - Omari White

Mr. White, or as we like to refer to him, Coach White, has been teaching technology classes for three years.  Hamilton-Holmes was fortunate to have Coach White join our team in February 2015.  In the past year, Coach White has mentored many students, to include those that exhibit difficult behavioral concerns.  He has created relationships with these students and set high expectations, whereby allowing these individuals to find success at school.  Coach White volunteers his time to monitor the cafeteria and coordinates the operation of the HHMS School Store.  In addition, he coaches the flag football intramural team for HHMS and the football and basketball teams at King William High School.  Coach White is truly a team player, demonstrating this philosophy on a daily basis.  It is with great pleasure that Coach White be honored with this award

HHMS Students Create Art That Heals

Students in the Art for a Cause Club at Hamilton Holmes Middle School spent their fall meetings creating pinwheels for Students Rebuild. Per their website (www.studentsrebuild.org), Students Rebuild is a “collaborative program of the Bezos Family Foundation that inspires young people to connect, learn and take collective action on critical global issues”. For each pinwheel contributed to the Healing Classrooms Challenge, $2 is donated to assist with Syrian youth refugees in the Middle East. The members of the Art for a Cause club were able to create more than 100 pinwheels for this worthy cause.

Students in grades sixth through eighth grades meet one to two times per month to work on art and service projects that have an impact outside of school. Future projects the club is planning to work on include the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Student Series (formerly Pennies for Patients) and painting ceiling tiles for display in cancer centers.

HHMS Student Receives Award

A seventh grade student at Hamilton Holmes Middle School, was selected as the Region 8 winner in the Virginia Municipal League’s “If I Were Mayor” essay contest.  She received a $150.00 cash prize. Governor Terry McAuliffe presented a plaque to the winner of each region in a ceremony held on January 27, 2016.  Click here to view her artwork.

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Principals Appreciation Week

Governor McAuliffe has declared this week as Virginia Principals Appreciation Week. KWCPS is fortunate to have great principals leading our schools.

Thank you to Mrs. Ball (CSPS), Mrs. Nester (AES), Mrs. Young (HHMS), and Dr. Waskiewicz (KWHS)!

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Colleagues Select Apples of Our Eye

KWCPS Principals recognized educators selected by their colleagues as Apple of Our Eye during the School Board meeting on January 19th. Congratulations to Mr. James Broaddus (HHMS), Mr. Kendan Shoup (KWHS), Mrs. Katie Freeman (CSPS), and Mrs. LaTanya Clark (AES)!

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HHMS National Geographic Bee

Seven Hamilton-Holmes Middle School students competed in the National Geographic Bee on Thursday, December 16.  Congratulations to 7th grade student, Tyler, who earned the top honor for two years in a row!  

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HHMS Employee of the Month - Lewis Phillips

Hamilton-Holmes Middle School is pleased to name Mr. Lewis Phillips as the Employee of the Month for December 2015. In his 15 years at HHMS, Mr. Phillips has taught Math and Science at all three grades. He currently teaches 8th grade Physical Science and Advanced Physical Science.  Mr. Phillips works hard every day to keep his students engaged through interesting activities and labs, and he holds all students accountable for their achievement. He is a team player who is always willing to lend a helping hand to others in the building. Mr. Phillips is an asset to our school, and we are proud to recognize him this month.

Learning with Technology at HHMS

Technology is integrated with learning on a daily basis at HHMS.  Students in Mrs. Tupponce’s class engage in viewing TED Talks and the creating their own on a topic of their choice.  In Mrs. Rector’s class, students use Chromebooks as the medium to create interactive slideshows on U.S. History using Nearpod.

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HHMS Fall Festival Highlights

KWCPS Remains a FULLY ACCREDITED School Division

Governor McAullife has announced accreditation ratings for Virginia’s public schools.  All four of King William's schools are once again Fully Accredited according to the Virginia Department of Education.


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MSiC Partners with KWCPS to "Imagine, Create, and Lead"

KWCPS is proud to partner with the MathScience innovation Center (MSiC) to provide students with innovative hands-on math and science lessons.  As a consortium member, the MSiC provides STEM programming for students and educators both at the center in Mechanicsville and within the classrooms of KW schools.  In addition, the MSiC offers Saturday programs, a Camp Innovation summer camp, and professional development for teachers.


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King William School Board Announces Acting Superintendent

We are pleased to announce that Dr. David Holleran has been appointed Acting Superintendent of Schools for King William County Public Schools.  Dr. Holleran will officially begin his duties on December 1, 2015.

Dr. Holleran previously served in Mathews County Public Schools for 13 years as Division Superintendent of Schools.  Dr. Holleran earned his B.S. in Elementary Education from Longwood College, Masters in Education from the University of Richmond and his doctorate from Virginia Polytechnic and State University.

We know that you will join us in welcoming Dr. Holleran to his role as Acting Superintendent of Schools.

King William School Board Announces Superintendent Search

(October 21, 2015) - The King William County School announced today that it will begin the process of hiring a new superintendent by seeking public input on qualifications.

The school board has created a survey related to superintendent criteria, which is available at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/KingWilliamSuptSearch, and on the home page of the division website.  Hard copies of the survey will also be available at the school board administration offices, at each school and the public library.

In addition to the survey, the board will hold a public hearing:

Date:  January 19, 2016
Time:  6:00 p.m.
Location:  Hamilton Holmes Middle School Atrium

“Hiring a new superintendent is the biggest task a school board will face and we want to make sure that the public has a voice in this process,” said School Board Chair Lindsay Robinson, “We hope that parents, staff and residents will take time to fill out the survey or attend the public hearing.”

The school board selected the Virginia School Boards Association (VSBA) to assist the Board with the superintendent search.

Farewell Reception for Dr. Mark Jones

KWCPS staff, parents, students, and community members gathered on Wednesday afternoon to bid farewell to Dr. Mark Jones, Division Superintendent. Dr. Jones has served as superintendent in King William since 2007.

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HHMS Fall Festival



October 23, 2015


5 PM to 8 PM 



Silent Auction   Local Vendors   Face Painting    Disco Room    Haunted/Family Hayrides   Cake Walk   Popcorn   Lemonade Stand   Beautiful Baby Contest    Photo Booth    Kid's Costume Contest      Carnival Games     Local Community Talent    Craft Room   Dinner Specials   Scary Movie Room    Bake Sale   Live Auction





KWCPS Celebrate Unity Day 10.21.15

On October 21st, KWCPS will celebrate Unity Day: National Bullying Prevention Day.  Staff and Students are encourgaed to wear orange to show their support!  Click here to view the Unity Day Poster.

King William Public Schools Education Foundation Hosts Dancing for the Arts

The King William Public Schools Education Foundation invites all to attend the "Dancing for the Arts" program on Saturday, September 12, 2015 at 6:00 p.m. in the King William High School gym.  Following the same theme as the popular television show, Dancing with the Stars, local dignitaries will showcase their dance floor expertise in front of the audience and panel of judges.  Please join the Foundation at this event in support of the Arts in King William County.   

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Convocation Slideshow
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KWCPS Convocation Ceremony

More than 350 teachers, administrators, staff members, students, and business partners representing the King William County community and four schools showed their school spirit during convocation on August 26, 2015.  The KWHS JROTC opened the ceremony with a color guard drill.  Mrs. Beverly Young sang the National Anthem followed by a warm welcome from school board vice chairperson, Mrs. Kathy Morrison.  King William County’s Teacher of the Year, Mrs. Tina Oberg, addressed the staff and shared a touching tribute video in which many KWCPS students honored their favorite teachers.  Keynote speaker Bill Curry addressed King William staff and entertained them with stories and lessons from a football life.  

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Tina Oberg, Teacher of the Year for KWCPS

Mrs. Tina Oberg, 6th-8th grade art teacher at Hamilton-Holmes Middle School, has been named the 2014-2015 Teacher of the Year for King William County Public Schools.  Mrs. Oberg is a graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University where she earned a degree in Art Education.  She grew up in King William County and is a proud alumnus of King William High School.

Mrs. Oberg has been teaching art at HHMS for 19 years and is no stranger to success.  This is her third Teacher of the Year award at Hamilton-Holmes, and she also represented King William County as Teacher of the Year in 2005-2006.  When asked what qualities make an educator a good candidate for this award, Oberg replied, “A teacher who is able to motivate his/her students to do their best.”  Oberg achieves this by trying to form relationships with her students and bringing humor into her classroom.  She says, “I believe that in order to reach a child’s mind, you must first reach his/her heart.”


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Policy for Providing Free or Reduced Price Meals

Please CLICK HERE to view a copy of the 2015-16 Policy for Providing Free or Reduced Price Meals.

KW Educators Attend Google Classroom Camp

KWCPS is proud to be a Google Apps for Education school district.  Google Apps for Education offers educators innovative resources to promote digital literacy among students.  On Tuesday, August 11th, Instructional Technology Resource Teachers, Mike Embrey and Brittany Groff, facilitated fundamental and advanced trainings for teachers.  Teachers spent time building Google classrooms and exploring tools that can be used to excite and engage students. 

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Students Attend Summer Regional Governor's School

There was no sleeping-in for 26 KWCPS students during the week of August 3-7!  These students participated in the Middle Peninsula Summer Regional Governor’s School and spent their week gaining new perspectives, developing important 21st century skills, and grappling with and solving various real-world problems.  Held at St. Clare Walker Middle School in Middlesex County, King William students collaborated with other students from across the region in problem-based classes designed for students identified as gifted in grades 3-7. 


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King William Students Participate in Summer Stem Academy

Eight seventh and eighth graders from Hamilton-Holmes Middle School participated in a summer STEM academy conducted by Bridging Communities STEM Academy administration and teachers and Rappahannock Community College staff on July 13 - 23, 2015. 

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School Supply List 2015-16

Click here for the 2015-16 School Supply List.

Summer Work for Advance Classes

Advance Hisotry and Science Classes for 2015-16 - no summer assignments

Advance English Classes for 2015-16 - Read 4 novels or earn 10 or more accelerated reading points.

HHMS Employee of the Month - Lew Phillips

Hamilton-Holmes is proud to name Mr. Lewis Phillips as June’s Employee of the Month.  Mr. Phillips has been teaching various subjects for fourteen years at HHMS.  These include English, Mathematics, and Physical Science.  This school year, Mr. Phillips took on teaching a new subject, Physical Science, to eighth grade students.   He has made his class come alive with experiments, presentations, class made roller coasters and many other innovative projects to assist his students with learning the content. 

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HHMS Employee of the Month - Dave McCracken

Hamilton-Holmes Middle School is proud to name Mr. Dave McCracken for Employee of the Month for May 2015.  Mr. McCracken has been teaching in King William for thirty years, all at Hamilton-Holmes Middle School.  Presently he is teaching Algebra I and Geometry to eighth grade students.  Mr. McCracken is an outstanding mathematics teacher.  He is innovative and uses a wide variety of strategies to teach mathematics.  His students are very successful on the Standards of Learning Test each year, with many making advanced scores.  Mr. McCracken is well respected by his students and former students.  He often has former students return to HHMS to visit or be tutored in mathematics.  Mr. McCracken has coached sports, taught music, and directed plays at HHMS.  It is with great honor that HHMS names Mr. McCracken for this award.

HHMS On Line Bookfair

Check out the online Scholastic Bookfair for HHMS.  It will be closing on May 19th.  You don't want to miss it!

Dr. Sheila Carr Named National Special Educator of the Year
Dr. Sheila Carr, Director of Special Programs for King William County Schools, was awarded the National Outstanding Special Education Administrator of the Year Award from the Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) and National Council for Administrators for Special Education (CASE) at its annual conference on April 8, 2015.  CASE is an international professional educational organization affiliated with the CEC whose members are dedicated to the enhancement of the worth, dignity, potential, and uniqueness of each individual in society.  
The Virginia Council for Administrators of Special Education (VCASE) recognized Dr. Carr as Virginia's Outstanding Administrator in 2014.  VCASE paid for her travel and attendance at the National Conference in San Diego because of her work in Virginia. Dr. Carr did not learn of this national honor until she was called to receive the award at the national conference.  
Please join in congratulating Dr. Carr for earning this prestigious award.  

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HHMS Employee of the Month - Andrea Eisenberger


Hamilton-Holmes Middle School is proud to name Andrea Eisenberger as Employee of the Month for April 2015.  Mrs. Eisenberger came to HHMS last August as a graphic arts and visual arts teacher.  Because there were many students that wanted to take visual arts, Mrs. Eisenberger willingly agreed to section off a portion of her room to allow for this additional course.  That is just one example of teamwork displayed by Mrs. Eisenberger.  During the months of February and March, Mrs. Eisenberger organized the Pennies for Patients drive and collected over $1400.00 in donations for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Foundation.   She is an innovative teacher that continuously looks for ways to challenge her students through the arts as well as keep herself abreast of new ideas within her field of study.  One way that Mrs. Eisenberger continues with her life-long learning is by presenting at the Art Conference in North Carolina to teachers across the state. It is with great pleasure that we honor Mrs. Eisenberger with this award.

HHMS Art Student Wins at the VSBA Contest


Hamilton-Holmes Middle School Art 7 student, Zaaron Foster, won third place in the 2015 Virginia School Boards Association Central Region Spring Network Forum Art Contest. Zaaron’s watercolor painting entitled, “Drifting through the Tides”, was entered and judged among many other students, from several different school divisions. “It was an honor to represent my school with this art work”, Foster said. Each school division was invited to enter three pieces of student art-elementary, middle, and high school.  Each work was judged during the forum, with ribbons awards to the winners. “This is a highly competitive contest because our county is one of seventeen being judged,” art teacher Tina Oberg said. “I am so proud that Zaaron’s painting was one of those recognized.”

Photo by Tina Oberg

Hamilton-Holmes Student Places First at MSiC
Congratulations to seventh grader Emily Webb for taking first place in the You Be The Chemist Challenge sponsored by the Math Science innovation Center on Saturday, March 21.  Emily will go on to participate in the State level of the Challenge in Suffolk, Virginia in April.  

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Mrs. Yates Named Librarian of the Year

Please join in congratulating Mrs. Michelle Yates who has been named the 2015 VA Association of School Librarians "Librarian of the Year" for the Rappahannock Region.  Mrs. Yates does many things for King William High School as well as for King William County Schools.  She is extremely deserving of this award.  Congratulations to Mrs. Yates. 

Girl Scouts Participate in Pledge of Allegiance Activity

Girl scouts from Acquinton Elementary School and Hamilton-Holmes Middle School recited the pledge of allegiance during morning announcements in recognition of the 103rd birthday of the Girl Scouts.  The Girl Scout birthday is March 12.

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KWHS Students Do Well in SkillsUSA HVAC District Competition

Please join in congratulating Mr. Fowler and his HVACR students at the Bridging Communities Career and Technical Education and STEM Academy as they swept the SkillsUSA HVACR District Competition. Students representing Bridging Communities finished first, second, third, and forth! The students earning 1st and 2nd place will now go to the State Competitions that will be held in Roanoke next month. 

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School Closing

King William County Schools will be closed on Friday, March 6, 2015.  Employees follow Code 2.


As the school division prepares for the possibility of inclement weather on Thursday, March 5, 2015, parents are reminded to check local television stations or go online to the school division website, www.kwcps.k12.va.us, to monitor changing weather conditions in the event of an early release. Should the need arise to dismiss early because of inclement weather, parents are encouraged to have prescheduled arrangements for your child to be received off the bus. As always, the safety of students and staff is of primary concern.

Celeste Kellogg promotes Bullying prevention at HHMS

There were many happy students at Hamilton-Holmes Middle School on Tuesday, February 24, 2015, as they jammed to the music of Celeste Kellogg and listened to her message on bullying prevention!  Celeste Kellogg is an actress, songwriter, and Nashville recording artist and was formerly with Radio Disney.  She has been selected by I Heart Radio as an artist to watch and her song “The Look” charted number twenty on iTunes overseas. 

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HHMS Employee of the Month - Wyatt Hicks

      Hamilton-Holmes Middle School is proud to name Mr. Wyatt Hicks as Employee of the Month for March 2015.  Mr. Hicks has been teaching math to middle and high school students with disabilities for four years.   While Mr. Hicks’ presence commands the respect of the students, he is a caring teacher with high expectations for learning and his students respond well to his teaching.  Mr. Hicks values learning and strives to engage each student through the learning process.  He continuously looks for ways to keep his students engaged using various teaching strategies.  Mr. Hicks has a great rapport not only with his students but with parents as well.  He continuously looks for ways to encourage students to get involved with extra-curricular activities while maintaining their academics. In addition, to teaching, Mr. Hicks serves as a football and basketball coach for intramural and high school sports as well as leader of the Gentlemen’s Club.  It is with great pride that we honor Mr. Hicks with this award.

Coach Curry Speaks to High School

Coach Bill Curry spoke to students at King William High School on Wednesday, February 25.  He provided a clear message of not leaving regrets on the field by giving one's all to each endeaver.  Click here to hear a portion of his message. Click "Read More" to see Dr. Waskiewicz's introduction of Coach Curry.    

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The schools will be closed on Friday, February 27, 2015.  Employees follow Code 4.

School Board Recognized

Students, teachers, staff, and administration recognized the School Board of King William County during Thursday evening’s meeting with cards and a banner thanking them for the direction and leadership they provide.  School Board Chair, Mrs. Lindsay Robinson, thanked everyone for their support. 

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King William County Schools are closed today because of inclement weather. Employees follow Code 5.

All employees including teachers and paraprofessionals report at 9:00 a.m.

The February School Board Meeting will be held this afternoon at 4:30.

Because of inclement weather, the schools will be closed on Thursday, February 19, 2015.  Employees follow Code 4.

The School Board Meeting will be held on Thursday, February 19, 2015 at 4:30 p.m. in the School Board Office Conference Room.


School Board Clerk Appreciation Week

Please join in thanking Mrs. Cathy Edwards for her excellent work as Clerk of the School Board of King William County.  The duties of the clerk of the board are specified by law.   In general, the clerk must keep a record of the meetings and proceedings of the board, a record of all receipts and disbursements, a record of all official acts, a file of vouchers, contracts, and other official papers.  She attends all meetings of the board to record the proceedings and to supply the records and other information which the board may need.   

King William County Public Schools is very fortunate to have such a dedicated clerk of the school board.


President's Day Observance

The schools will be closed on Monday, February 16, 2015 in observance of President's Day and will reopen on Tuesday, February 17th.

After School Activities

All after school activities scheduled for today, Thursday, February 12, 2015 have been cancelled except for the King William Parks & Recreation After-School Program.

HHMS Art Students celebrate President’s Day

     What do you get when you mix Pop Artist Andy Warhol with Contemporary Portrait artist Chuck Close? The answer: Gigantic and colorful, Presidential portraits. In celebration of President's Day, Hamilton-Holmes Middle School art students learned about the art movement known as Pop Art. Students also studied the work of American painter and photographer Chuck Close. Chuck Close achieved fame as a Photorealist, through his massive scale portraits, which included using a grid system.




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Delayed Opening

Because of inclement weather, King William County Schools will operate on a 2 hour delay on Tuesday, February 10, 2015.

HHMS Employee of the Month - Mary Ann Johnson

     Hamilton-Holmes Middle School is proud to name Mrs. Mary Ann Johnson as Employee of the Month for February, 2015.  Mrs. Johnson is a graduate of James Madison University with a degree in accounting. She has worked in many capacities for King William County Public Schools for twenty years.  

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February is Career and Technical Education Month

CTE Month® is an annual celebration held in February to recognize the achievements and accomplishments of students and their teachers nationwide. During this month the CTE community will get a chance to tell the stories of leadership and excellence from their classrooms across the country, and raise awareness of the crucial role that CTE has in readying our nation for economic success and workforce competitiveness.

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February - School Board Appreciation Month

Please join in recognizing members of the School Board of King William County for their dedicated and tireless service to the students of this county.  This year's theme — Student Focused Leadership — reflects the top priority of local school board members as they advocate for public education with local, state, and federal leaders.

As citizen leaders, school board members face complex and demanding challenges. Their job is to establish a vision for the education program, design a structure to achieve that vision, ensure schools are accountable to the community and strongly advocate continuous improvement in student learning. That job entails an endless string of meetings and school functions to attend; reams of reports, agendas, proposals and other information to read and study; and a host of difficult decisions to make.

We greatly appreciate the hard work that our school board members do in making King William County Schools a great place to learn. 

HHMS Welcomes Celeste Kellogg

Hamilton-Holmes Middle School is excited to welcome Celeste Kellogg on February 24th. Ms. Kellogg is an actress, songwriter and Nashville recording artist. Ms. Kellogg was part of the  Radio Disney tween pop group, RD7. This group opened for Raven, The Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus and the Cheetah Girls. They also performed an hour long show at the Kelly Clarkson, Addicted To Love Tour.


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Geography Bee Championship at HHMS

Hamilton-Holmes Middle School hosted its eighth school-wide National Geographic Bee this year and held its final on January 29, 2015.  The winner of the Bee will take a test to qualify for the State Bee being held in April.  State winners participate in the National Bee held in May.  The winner of the National Bee receives a $50,000 scholarship.  

We congratulate all of our students who participated.  

HHMS Students Participate in School Geography Bee

Hamilton-Holmes Middle School hosted its eighth school-wide National Geographic Bee this year and held its final on January 29, 2015.  The winner of the Bee will take a test to qualify for the State Bee being held in April.  State winners participate in the National Bee held in May.  The winner of the National Bee receives a $50,000 scholarship. We congratulate all of our students who participated.  


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Virginia Principals Appreciation Week

Governor Terence R. McAuliffe has signed a Certificate of Recognition declaring January 25-31, 2015, as Virginia Principals Appreciation Week.  Please join in acknowledging the tireless efforts of our school principals.

The role of the principal as the instructional leader of the school is critically important to ensure students are provided the opportunity to learn.  Our principals work diligently to help students and teachers excel, and their leadership and hard work are essential to the success of our schools.  They deserve all the recognition and praise we can give them.

The full text of the Governor’s Certificate of Recognition announcing Principals Appreciation Week is attached.  

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Dr. Stephen Peters Recognizes Gentlemen's Clubs in Each School

The primary objective of GC is to teach young men the skills needed to be men of character. This process begins as early as primary school by “capturing” these young students and helping them to see themselves differently and in turn, the world will perceive them differently. There are numerous clubs spread throughout the United States from Virginia, Texas, Kansas, and Florida, to South Carolina, Michigan, and Ohio. The main focus is on education, attendance and behavior.

King William County Public Schools is proud to have a club in each of our schools.  Please visit http://stephenpetersgroup.com/the-gentlemens-club-gc/ to find our more information about GC.  




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HHMS Employee of the Month -Jessica Pegram

Hamilton-Holmes is proud to name Ms. Jessica Pegram for January’s Employee of the Month.  Ms. Pegram has been teaching mathematics for ten years at Hamilton-Holmes Middle School and currently serves as the Math Lead Teacher.  Teachers often go to Ms. Pegram seeking ideas to use for math instruction.  She is extremely organized and applies new strategies to her classroom to help students use higher level thinking skills as well as incorporating technology skills.  Ms. Pegram is a team player, provides daily remediation to her students, and meets with individuals after school to tutor them on math skills.  It is a pleasure that Hamilton-Holmes names Ms. Pegram for this award.

HHMS Holds College Night

A representative from the University of Richmond spoke with parents, students and staff at Hamilton-Holmes Middle School about what colleges and universities are looking for when they select students.  He emphasized the importance of doing well on all high school courses.  He said that all too often students who are not accepted did not do well during their ninth and tenth grade years.  He encouraged students to work hard and to be involved in many activities in school and outside of school.

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Mrs. Ball Receives First Virginia L. McLaughlin Leadership Award
Mrs. Rachel Ball, Principal of Cool Spring Primary School, was recognized as the first recipient of the SURN Virginia L. McLaughlin Leadership Award last Friday afternoon.  Mrs. Ball is completing her Doctorate in Administration and Supervision from the College of William and Mary.   

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HHMS Employee of the Month -Crystal Kelly

      Hamilton-Holmes Middle School is proud to recognize, Mrs. Crystal Kelly as Employee of the Month for December 2014.  Mrs. Kelly has worked for King William County Schools for nine years, all of which have been at HHMS.  She is one of the most dedicated teachers who spending much time planning engaging lessons for her students. 

     Each year, Mrs. Kelly takes time from her daily planning to provide remediation for her students. Mrs. Kelly is extremely professional and willing to give heartfelt advice to her colleagues.  She has outstanding classroom management skills, is structured, and makes a positive difference with her students.  Mrs. Kelly is a true role model for students!  Her students love her because she makes learning fun and they see how much she cares about each student.  It is with great pleasure that HHMS honors Mrs. Crystal Kelly with this award!

The School Board of King William County Attends Annual VSBA Conference

Members of the School Board attended the annual Virginia School Boards Association Conference on Wednesday, November 19, and Thursday, November 20.  They heard nationally recognized speakers, legal experts, members of the Virginia Department of Education, representatives from other school divisions, and others speak on educational issues of importance.  The school division, also, received the Gold Award for the Green Schools Challenge at the conference.     

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School Board and Representatives from Delegate Peace's Office Tour Schools

The School Board hosted representatives from the state legislature on Friday, November 21 in the schools.  The principal of each school led the contingent on a tour of his/her building.  This is an annual event that has been held on the Friday after the School Board returns from its annual state conference.

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American Education Week 2014

Please join us this week as we recognize our students, parents, teachers, administrators and the community during American Edcuation Week.  American Education Week was born out of national concern over illiteracy and was first celebrated in 1921. Events take place the week before Thanksgiving and are designed to honor the hard work of students, recognize the professionalism and commitment of educators, and appreciate parents and community members who work toward quality public schools for every student.

Education Foundation Hosts 2nd Annual King William's Got Talent

The King William community witnessed a treat Saturday evening in King William High School's gym as the King William Public Schools Education Foundation's hosted its second annual King William's Got Talent Show.  The audience was entertained with solos, duets, instrumental pieces, dance interpretations, and even an excellent bagpipe rendition of Amazing Grace.  Mrs. Renee MIlls, President of the Foundation, welcomed and informed the crowd of the Foundation's focus to build an auditorium in King William, and Mrs. Malynn Unser was the emcee.  Many community performers as well as students participated.     

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Eighth Graders Dazzle Administrators

Mrs. Slack and Mrs. Phillips watch as their students demonstrate endothermic and exothermic reactions to school division administrators during their monthly administrative meeting.   

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HHMS Employee of the Month - Charlotte Taylor

     Hamilton-Holmes Middle School is honored to name Mrs. Charlotte Taylor as Employee of the Month for November 2014.  Mrs. Taylor has over forty years of service to King William County Public Schools. She is always willing to help the students and anything that needs to be done.  Mrs. Taylor is faithful about copying information that needs to go home with the students, changing the school sign weekly, fulfilling her responsibilities within the classroom, and monitoring areas within the building.  She never says “no” to anything that is asked of her to complete, but tackles the tasks with a smile and willing heart.  She loves all of the students and is truly a team player!  It is with great pleasure that Hamilton-Holmes recognizes Mrs. Charlotte Taylor with this award.

King William Teachers Provide Professional Development

Seventeen King William County teachers provided eight different professional development sessions for division staff on November 4, 2014.  The following topics were covered: 1) Feedback, 2) Self-report Grades, 3) Formative Assessments, 4) Reciprocal Teaching, 5) Meta-cognitive Strategies, 6) Student Goal Setting/Self- Assessment, 7) Concept Mapping, and 8) Cooperative vs. Individualistic Learning.  Each topic covered is one of John Hattie's high yield strategies.  We thank Mrs. Stacy Johnson and the instructional team, the following presenters- Ms. Parson, Ms. Brown, Ms. Galgano, Ms. Phillips, Ms. Yarbrough, Ms. Chatos, Ms. Huffman, Ms. Wray, Ms. Unser, Ms. Hulsey, Ms. Taylor, Ms. Mitchell, Ms. Longest, Ms. Tupponce, Mr. Cooper, Ms. Slack, and Ms. Rector, and all teachers in attendance.


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HHMS Holds Junior Beta Induction Ceremony

The Junior Beta Club at Hamilton-Holmes Middle School welcomed forty-two new members during its Induction Ceremony on October 30.  Mrs. Beverly Young, Principal of HHMS, and sponsors, Ms. Ann Chatos and Mrs. Karen Groover, spoke with the students about this accomplishment and the responsibilities of being a Beta Club member. Officers of the Junior Beta Club presided over the ceremony.   

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Early Release - November 3 and Teacher Workday on November 4

Students will be released at 1:00 p.m. on Monday, November 3 and schools are not in session for students on Tuesday, November 4 because of a scheduled teacher workday.  The schools resume normal operating hours on Wednesday, November 5, 2014.

Teachers from CSPS, AES and HHMS Participate in MAP Training

Teachers from Cool Spring Primary, Acquinton Elementary and Hamilton-Holmes Middle participated in a 1/2 day workshop conducted by a representative from the Northwestern Evaluation Association (NWEA) on using the Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) assessment instrument.  


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Hamilton-Holmes Students Launch Skimmers

Students in Mrs. Amy Ambrose's Project Lead the Way classroom constructed skimmers as part of a class assignment.  Today, they tested how well they made their crafts by launching them along the surface of the tile floor in the atrium of the school.  The collage represents pictures taken of two of her classes.

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Library Card Contest

Click here to the Library Card Contest

Reading Olympian Sign-up

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Reading Olympians

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HHMS Students Participate in River Day

Sandy Point State Forest was a lively classroom in late September for the 6th grade students at Hamilton-Holmes Middle School.  Seining for aquatic life, conducting experiments to examine water quality, and trekking through the woods to visit an eagle's nest gave students the opportunity to study their environment and learn about their watershed.  The 6th Annual HHMS River Day was a collaborative effort by the Mattaponi – Pamunkey Rivers Association as well as the King Wililam Extension office in conjunction with various state agencies and teachers from Hamilton-Holmes.


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Hamilton- Holmes Middle School Employee of the Month

            Hamilton-Holmes Middle School is proud to name Ms. Kristen Truax as October’s Employee of the Month. Ms. Truax is extremely organized, helpful, efficient, knowledgeable, and experienced with the many responsibilities of a counselor.  She came into her position and immediately completed all of the student schedules in a timely manner to be well prepared for Open House.    

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Administrators Attend VASS Conference on New Local Assessment Guidelines

The new state guidelines for local assessments were approved at the September 18 Board of Education meeting and will go into effect immediately. The Virginia Association of School Superintendents workshop on September 23 featured VDOE officials, assessment experts, and school divisions modeling best practices to assist school divisions in understanding the new guidelines and how they can be implemented in their school divisions.  Mrs. Stacy Johnson, Assistant Superintendent of Instruction, Mrs. Beverly Young, Principal of HHMS, Mrs. Tara Garner, Principal of AES, and Dr. Jones attended the workshop.  

The legislation requires each local school board to annually certify that it has provided instruction in the content assessed by the eliminated tests and administered an alternative assessment, consistent with Virginia Board of Education guidelines, to students in grades three through eight in each SOL subject area in which the SOL assessment was eliminated.


Hamilton-Holmes Middle School Recognized for Full Accreditation

The King William County School Board recognized Hamilton-Holmes Middle School at their September 16, 2014 meeting for receiving Full Accreditation through the Virginia Department of Education.  

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Parent/Gaurdian Contact Information
Form HHMS Parent/Guardian Contact Information

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Virginia’s Popular Back-to-School Sales Tax Holiday Returns Friday

~ School Supplies, Clothing and Footwear will be Exempt from Sales Tax ~

It’s time to make your shopping list because Virginia’s popular sales tax holiday for clothing, footwear, and school and office supplies begins Friday.  For the ninth straight year, many clothing items, shoes, and school and office supplies will be sales tax-free during the first full weekend in August, which is Friday, Aug. 1, through Sunday, Aug. 3 this year.


VDOE Announces that All King William County Schools Earn State Accreditation

Congratulations to all staff, students and parents!!!

2014-2015 HHMS Supply List

2014 - 2015 HHMS Supply List

Students Attend Cyber-Security Camp

Ten King William County Public Schools' students are attending a Cyber-Security Camp at King William High School conducted by Mr. Mike Embrey, the school division's Instructional Technology Resource Specialist.  

Reading Olympians Reading List

Attention Reading Olympians -  Here is the list for next year's competition.  Get to the library and start reading.  Be ready to get started this year in September.

And remember - as always -



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HHMS joins Pamunkey Regional Library Summer Program

Students at HHMS are expected to join the Summer Reading Program at the Pamunkey Regional Library for the summer.  Many students signed up the last week of school and are well on their way to meeting a goal they have set for themselves for the summer.  You may enter on-line at http://www.pamunkeylibrary.org/SRP.htm or you can sign in person at any of their branches.  Staff members at HHMS will be hosting several "book nights" with food and entertainment during the summer.  We hope you will plan to join us.



HHMS Players Presented-How to Survive The Zombie Apocalypse for Dummies

A cast of over twenty Hamilton-Holmes Middle School students, teachers and staff presented How to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse for Dummies to parents and community members last night.  The audience was truly entertained with humor and satire as the players provided the ten ways to endure a zombie invasion.  Two thumbs up to the performers and director!

King William High School Earns Bronze Award In US News Report

King William High School received a bronze rating in the newly released article in The U.S. News and World Report on the best high schools in the nation.    In total, U.S. News nationally ranked the 4,707 highest-scoring schools as gold, silver or bronze. A high school's position in the numerical rankings, whether it was awarded a medal or whether it was ranked at all was dependent on how high it scored in all three steps of the rankings methodology.

This report reduced the 31,242 public high schools in all 50 states and the District of Columbia to 19,411 schools, which is the total number of public high schools across the country that had high enough 12th-grade enrollment and sufficient data from the 2011-2012 school year to be eligible for the rankings.


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Dr. Sheila Carr, Director of Special Programs, is recognized by VCASE

The Virginia Council of Administrators of Special Education (VCASE) recognized Dr. Sheila R. Carr's hard work and dedication to improving the lives of students with disabilities at their Spring 2014 Conference.  Dr. Carr, Director of Special Programs for King William County Public Schools, was presented with the James T. Micklem Award of Outstanding Excellence.  The James T. Micklem Award of Excellence, named after the first State Director of Special Education, was established in 1978 in recognition of his outstanding service and leadership. This is VCASE’s highest award that is presented in May at the Annual Spring Conference. 


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HHMS and KW County Teacher of the Year

        Mrs. Malynn Unser, 7th grade teacher at Hamilton-Holmes Middle School, has been named the 2014-2015 Teacher of the Year for King William County Public Schools. Mrs. Unser is a graduate of Virginia Tech where she earned a degree in Elementary Education. She also earned her Master's degree in Curriculum and Instruction with an emphasis in Integrating Technology from Virginia Commonwealth University.      


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Schools Closed in Observance of Memorial Day

King William County Schools will be closed on Monday, May 26, 2014, in obserance of Memorial Day.  The schools will open on Tuesday, May 27.  We wish each of you a restful holiday. 

HHMS Math and Art Team Up


      Hamilton-Holmes Middle School sixth graders (179 total) participated in a special project funded by a King William County Public Schools Micro-Grant. The grant was developed and directed by art teacher Tina Oberg and 6th grade math teachers Julie Peck and Pamela Bailey.


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Support Staff Members of the Year Recognized

King William County Schools is proud to recognize the Support Staff Members of the Year for the 2013-14 School Year.  They are as follows:

Ms. Brenda Young - Cool Spring Primary School
Ms. Jennifer Temple - Acquinton Elementary School
Ms. Amy Dobson - Hamilton-Holmes Middle School
Ms. Brenda Rudolph - King William High School
Ms. Teresa Robinson - Division Level


Virginia Police Week - May 11 - 17, 2014

Please join in recognizing Officer Metzger, School Resource Officer, and the Sheriff's Office for the support and assistance they provide to the school division.  They are always present at school events ensuring that everything runs smoothly.  We thank them for all that they do for the school division.  Governor Terry McAuliffe declared the week of May 11 through May 17 Virginia Police Week.  You may click here to view his proclamation.

Cool Spring Primary Welcomes New Principal

The School Board of King William County approved the recommendation naming Mrs. Rachel Ball as Principal of Cool Spring Primary.  Mrs. Ball is a graduate of King William High School and earned her Bachelor of Science Degree and Master of Education Degree from The College of William & Mary.  She is working on her Doctorate in Education from William & Mary as well.  She will begin July 1, 2014.  Mrs. Ball is currently the assistant principal at Acquinton Elementary School.


Teachers of the Year 2014-15

King William County Schools is proud to recognize the Teachers of the Year for the 2014-15 School Year.  They are as follows:

Ms. Katie Kilgore - Cool Spring Primary School
Ms. Susan Benitez - Acquinton Elementary School
Ms. Malynn Unser - Hamilton-Holmes Middle School
Mr. Howard Hill - King William High School


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National School Nurse Day-May 7, 2014

Please join us as we recognize our school nurses, today!  Did you know that 23% of students have pre-diabetes and diabetes, 20% of students have a mental disorder, 18% of students have chronic health conditions, 10% of students lack health insurance, 9.7% of students cannot afford healthcare,  10 Million students have asthma, 19% of students have food allergies, and 32% of students are overweight or obese. References: (Baisch, Lundeen, & Murphy, 2011; Cohen et al., 2011; Perrin, Bloom & Gortmaker, 2007; Van Cleave Gortmaker & Perrin 2010)

Our school nurses add value to the division by ensuring that students are prepared to learn. 


Mrs. Lisa Thompson Graduates from SURN

Mrs. Lisa Thompson, Principal at Cool Spring Primary School, graduated from the Principal Academy through SURN.  SURN Principal Academy is a collaborative project with school administrators from urban, suburban and rural school districts based at The College of William and Mary.  We congratulate Mrs. Thompson for her commitment to excellence.  Mrs. Tara Garner, Principal of Acquinton Elementary School, is a member of SURN's 2nd cohort of principals

HHMS Employee of the Month - Nicole Phillips

      Hamilton-Holmes Middle School is proud to name, Mrs. Nicole Phillips as Employee of the Month for April.  Mrs. Phillips has been teaching for thirteen years at HHMS.  She has taught general math, science, English and advanced English.  Mrs. Phillips has served on the leadership team and as the School Improvement Chairperson for many years.  

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One Book One School One Community

 A Wonderful Celebration at the UKW Library

     Students, parents and community members met the night of March 26th at the Upper King William branch of the Pamunkey Regional Library to celebrate the One Book, One School, One Community project.  The meeting room was packed with students eagerly discussing their insights about R J Palacio’s best-selling novel Wonder.  The walls and tables were covered with artwork and essays, examples of students’ expressions and interpretations. Wonder is the story of resilience and kindness in a world that can often be brutal to others.


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HHMS hosts Regional Reading Olympians Championship

     Sitting on the floor in a circle, excitedly whispering to one another, Team Dauntless gets the steal in the first round.  They quietly high five each other and intently listen to the next question from the moderator.  Students from Hanover, Goochland and King William met Thursday, March 20th for the 11th   annual meeting of the Regional Reading Olympians Championship.  

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HHMS Employee of the Month - Kevin Lyle

Hamilton-Holmes is proud to name Mr. Kevin Lyle as Employee of the Month for March.  Mr. Lyle has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management from Virginia Tech.  In 2004 he earned a Masters Degree in Sports Management from the University of Georgia.  He has worked for Division 1 Athletics programs at both Radford University and Campbell University in the area of Marketing and Promotions and Event Management. Mr. Lyle is a first year teacher of the computer and business technology classes at Hamilton-Holmes.  He served as the Head JV Football Coach at King William High School this year and has been instrumental in organizing and facilitating the new intramural program at HHMS.   Mr. Lyle has an attitude of service, whether it is mentoring a student, facilitating the Gentlemen’s Club, or coaching a sport, he serves to the best of his ability, with a humble and willing heart.  When he is not coaching, Mr. Lyle enjoys working out and spending time with his seven year old son, Jon David.  It is with great honor that Hamilton-Holmes recognizes Mr. Kevin Lyle with this award.



Please join King William County Schools' foreign language classes as they celebrate National Foreign Language Week during March 3 - 8, 2014.  "National Foreign Language Week was inaugurated in the Spring of 1957 by Alpha Mu Gamma. Sister Eloise Therese, the National President of Alpha Mu Gamma from 1956 to 1960, discovered that such a week had never been officially celebrated in the United States as a whole, although foreign language had receive recognition by different educational institutions at various periods of the academic year. Inspired by her the National Council of Alpha Mu Gamma began to formulate plans to make the United States aware of the need for and importance of foreign language study through the celebration of NFLW. The first celebration was set for the week of February 17 to 23, 1957. Each year since then the National Executive Council of AMG has set a week for this event. In recent years it has become the practice to have NFLW during the first full week of March.

Intramural Basketball Opportunity for HHMS Students

            Some roam the neighborhoods while their parents are still at work.  Many sit in front of a television to idly pass the time.  Hamilton-Holmes Middle School is now providing an alternative for students with an after-school intramural program.


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KWHS Girls Advance to Conference Tournament

The King William High School girls basketball team plays tomorrow night at 5:30 p.m. vs Arcadia. They are the number 3 seed entering Conference 33 tournament play.  Please come out and support them.

February 14, 2014-King William County Schools Closed

Because of inclement weather, all schools in King William County are closed. Employees follow Code 2.

February 3 - 8, School Counselor Week

Please join in recognizing our school counselors this week during National School Counseling Week.  The theme this year is "School Counseling: Building Magical Futures."   This celebration focuses public attention on the unique contribution of professional school counselors within U.S. school systems. This week highlights the tremendous impact school counselors can have in helping students achieve school success and plan for a career.  We greatly appreciate the outstanding job that our counselors do. 

King William Spelling Bee Winner - Ben Ratliffe

Hamilton-Holmes Middle School eighth grader Ben Ratliff was named 2014 district spelling bee champion for King William County Public Schools.  Ratliff won the spelling bee by correctly spelling the word “complacency.” As the district winner, Ratliff received a Webster's Dictionary from the Richmond Times-Dispatch.  He will compete at the 40th annual Richmond Times-Dispatch Regional Spelling Bee, scheduled for Saturday, March 8, 2014 at the Library of Virginia. The winner of the Regional Bee will receive a $1,500 scholarship and an all-expenses-paid trip to the National Bee, courtesy of the Times-Dispatch.

The KWCPS spelling bee, coordinated by Kim Tupponce, HHMS Gifted Resource Teacher, was held at Hamilton-Holmes Middle School on January 14, 2014. Alexis Scott, Reading Specialist, served as the pronouncer for the bee. Bee judges were Kim Napier, Assistant Principal of Hamilton-Holmes, Rachel Ball, Assistant Principal of Acquinton Elementary, and Jennifer Perry, Guidance Counselor at King William High School. KWCPS Superintendent Dr. Mark Jones and Assistant Superintendent Stacy Johnson were also in attendance at the Bee.

In order to participate in the county spelling bee, students from Hamilton-Holmes Middle School and Acquinton Elementary School first competed at the school level.  The top five spellers from each grade level in grades three through eight were invited to compete in the KWCPS spelling bee.

HHMS Employee of the Month - Julie Peck

Hamilton-Holmes Middle School is proud to name Mrs. Julie Peck as Employee of the Month.  Mrs. Peck has been teaching for four years, all at Hamilton-Holmes Middle School.  Before entering the teaching profession, Mrs. Peck worked as a marketing manager for an environmental company.  Mrs. Peck is a graduate of Longwood with a degree in Communications.  In addition, Mrs. Peck attended the University of Richmond licensure program where she received her endorsement to teach.  Mrs. Peck is an innovative teacher always looking for ways to engage her students.  Recently, she implemented a reward system whereby students are able to earn minutes to do fun activities when they remain focused on the instruction and accomplish the goals for each day’s lesson.  This is just one example of how Mrs. Peck keeps abreast of current research and applies this knowledge to the classroom.  Mrs. Peck serves as the public relations facilitator for Hamilton-Holmes Middle School.  In this role, Mrs. Peck publishes articles and the school newsletter, The Viking Voice, each month, for the school community.  When Mrs. Peck is not teaching, she enjoys photography and spending time with her seventeen month old daughter.  It is with great pride that we recognize Mrs. Peck.

Hamilton-Holmes Art Students Create Holiday Decorations for Children’s Hospital

       Hamilton-Holmes Middle School art students created over fifty, three-dimensional, paper stars for the patients at the Children's Hospital of Richmond at VCU. Plain white stars were carefully folded and glued in hopes the children would enjoy decorating them during the holiday season.  According to RN/BSN Jan Kirby, “The stars will be used to decorate patient’s IV poles, rooms, or clinic area for kids to take home to decorate and hang in their home.” The middle school students took great pride in creating these paper stars for other children who may be facing difficult challenges. “To be able to make the children happy is a great thing, seventh grader Jenica McLean said. “We want the children to feel special, be happy and stay positive.”    

Special thanks to former King William student, Jonice Lawson, for hand delivering the stars to the children’s hospital.  

HHMS Employee of the Month Dave McCracken

HHMS Employee of the Month


     Hamilton-Holmes is proud to name Mr. Dave McCracken as Employee of the Month.  Mr. McCracken has been teaching twenty-nine years, all at Hamilton-Holmes Middle School.  The subject areas that he has taught include, mathematics, English, and music.  Mr. McCracken is admired by former students, colleagues, current students, parents, and administration.  He has served on various committees throughout his career including the National Council for Teacher of Mathematics.  Currently, he teaches Algebra I and Geometry to students in the eighth grade.  Additionally, Mr. McCracken served as the Math Lead Teacher for many years and currently serves as the grade level leader.  He holds his students to high expectations and sees to it that they succeed in math.  Students he taught twenty years ago still talk about what a great teacher he is.  Mr. McCracken’s SOL scores are outstanding year after year.  It is with great honor that we recognize Mr. McCracken.



In an effort to promote awareness of school bullying, the Virginia School Boards Association’s (VSBA) Board of Directors has designated the month of January as VSBA Bullying Prevention Month.  Childhood bullying is a significant problem nationwide. It can cause school absenteeism, mental and physical stress, poor school performance, poor self-esteem, and, in some cases, school violence.  Statistics show that 160,000 children in the United States miss school each day as a result of being bullied.

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Principals Appreciation Week-January 6-10, 2014

Please join in recognizing our principals during Principals Appreciation Week for the outstanding jobs that they do for our students and staff members.  They work long hours ensuring that all aspects of their schools are functioning at optimum levels.  Their leadership is essential to maintaining the high levels of achievement that our school community has come to expect of our students.  We thank them for their dedication and commitment.   


Because of inclement weather, all school division student activities will end today at 3:30 p.m.  Parks & Recreation after-school care program will maintain its regular hours.

A Christmas Carol Cancelled

The drama performance, A Christmas Carol, scheduled for this afternoon, Sunday, December 8, 2013, at 5:00 p.m. has been cancelled because of inclement weather.

Toys for Tots

     HHMS students are collecting new unwrapped toys for the Marine's Toys for Tots program.  All toys collected are distributed to needy children within our own community.  We are specifically in need of items for older boys and girls, such as cosmetic kits, art supplies, and music players, etc.  Toys for infants up to age 2 are also lacking.  Thank you for your support.


HHMS Employee of the Month Karen Groover

           Hamilton-Holmes Middle School is proud to name Mrs. Karen Groover as Employee of the Month for December 2013.  Mrs. Groover has served as a paraprofessional for one year.  She works alongside the classroom teacher providing whole class instruction and one-on-one instruction for students.  Mrs. Groover is very conscientious of the needs of her students.  She makes accommodations and modifications for students with disabilities.  In addition, Mrs. Groover completes tasks of monitoring the halls and second load students each day as well as serving as co-sponsor for the Junior Beta Club.  Whenever Mrs. Groover is asked to supervise a classroom, she does so willingly and thoroughly in order to accomplish what the classroom teacher has prepared for the day.  She is a team player and proactive through all interactions.  It is with pleasure that HHMS names Mrs. Karen Groover as Employee of the Month.


American Education Week - November 18-22, 2013

Please join King William County Schools as we recognize all of our educators during American Education Week.  This week presents all Americans with a wonderful opportunity to celebrate public education and honor individuals who are making a difference in ensuring that every child receives a quality education. We thank all of our educators for the excellent job that they do.

School Psychology Awareness Week

King William County Schools joins the Virginia Department of Education, the Virginia Academy of School Psychologists, and the National Association of School Psychologists in celebrating School Psychology Awareness Week.  As schools and school divisions continue to improve optimal learning opportunities for all students, the contributions of school psychologists are noteworthy.  School psychologists positively impact the academic, social, and emotional development of each student they serve.  They are trained to assess student learning profiles, provide appropriate learning and behavioral interventions, and offer schoolwide collaboration for safe and supportive learning environments.  They utilize data-based decision making in order to evaluate student outcomes.  Please join in recognizing Mrs. Julie Kelvin, school division psychologist, for her excellent contributions to King William County Schools.

HHMS Bookfair - November 12 - 15 The Scholastic Bookfair will be held from November 12  until November 15.


Check out times below at our online bookfair


Check out the online bookfair that will be open 24/7 from November 2 throught November 22.

HHMS Employee of the Month - Mrs. Mary Ann Johnson

Employee  of the Month

November 2013

Hamilton-Holmes Middle School is proud to name Mrs. Mary Ann Johnson as November’s Employee of the Month.  Mrs. Johnson graduated from King William High School and has worked at HHMS for eighteen years.  She has served as the school nurse, CBI facilitator, bookkeeper, and school board member.  Mrs. Johnson diligently works to organize the school fundraiser, write announcements for the students, collect the funds, and organize the orders.  This is an arduous task and Mrs. Johnson has it completely organized.  In addition, Mrs. Johnson finds time to bake goodies for the staff and students, purchase greeting cards for employees, and share her love of gardening with the staff by always having beautiful flowers in the office and about the school.  Mrs. Johnson organizes faculty breakfasts and luncheons during staff development days and facilitates the purchasing of faculty spirit wear.  With all of the many hats that Mrs. Johnson wears, she manages to get things completed in a timely manner.  It should not go unnoticed that Mrs. Johnson comes to work on Saturdays and Sundays in order to meet her deadlines and responsibilities and is always precise with her financial records.  Thank you Mrs. Johnson for the wonderful job that you do!

HHMS Employee of the Month Jason Roane     Hamilton-Holmes Middle School is proud to name Mr. Jason Roane as Employee of the Month for October 2013.  Mr. Roane has served on the  custodial team for five years.  He is a conscientious worker that is always busy completing his work.  Mr. Roane takes pride in keeping Hamilton-Holmes looking its best each day.  He willingly works events on the weekends for community use of the school.  Mr. Roane is very diligent to his reponsibilities and does so with a positive attitude.  He is a very productive member of the custodial team which became quite evident this past summer when Mr. Roane stepped up to take on more responsibilities in the abscence of the head custodian.  Mr. Roane worked tirelessly to get HHMS ready for our staff and students to return. It is with great pleasure that Mr. Roane be recognized for this award.
Mrs. Dartez 6th Grade

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HHMS Students Take Field Trip to Sandy Point HHMS 6th graders seine in the Mattaponi River to collect small fish.        A trip to Sandy Point State Forest in King William County wasn't your typical field trip to a museum and gift shop. On Friday, September 27, sixth graders at Hamilton-Holmes Middle School had an opportunity to get their hands dirty and their feet wet to learn about the importance and the health of the rivers in our county.

        Students participated in hands-on activities where they learned about water sampling and monitoring, macro invertebrate identification, tree and plant identification, VA wildlife and habitats, and the importance of wetlands. Students also conducted a scientific investigation while seining for fish and organisms along the river’s edge.  Two 17th century historical interpreters, one representing a Native American and another representing an English settler, also shared the history and importance of the rivers in King William during the time of Captain John Smith.    “The field trip was fun! I liked seining in the water and catching fish. I also saw one of the biggest eagles nest I have ever seen,” said 6th grade student, Tanner Lipscomb.
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HHMS Art Students Create HERO Poster In support of the school’s anti-bullying campaign entitled HERO (Help Everyone by Reaching Out), all art students (295 total) created an anti-bullying poster. Before students began the creative process, they were introduced to the art work of artist/activist Keith Haring.
            Haring’s work supported social causes like anti-smoking, anti-war and anti-drugs. Students were asked to be an artist and activist like Keith Haring in order to spread the word about the negative impact of bullying.

            “Why do people bully? It doesn’t make you cool,” says Lydia Bickford, a 7th grade Art student.  “When someone bullies you, doesn't it make you sad, or angry? It’s not something that we like here. Let’s make a difference today! Don’t be a bully, be a friend!”

             Students were encouraged to develop an eye-catching design with a title and imagery. All posters were later displayed throughout the hallways of HHMS.

Story and Photo by: Tina Oberg, HHMS

Trails check up

6th grade Trails check up


7th grade Trails check up

KWHS to Recognize Former Coach Brookes The School Board of King William County unanimously approved a request on September 17, 2013, from Michael Commins, Howard Brown, and Scott Moore to name King William High School's football field in honor of Coach Roger G. Brookes. Please join the School Board, administrators, teachers, parents, students and community residents on October 25 during halftime of the home football game between King William and Middlesex as Coach Brookes is honored. He compiled a record as follows:  269 wins, 154 losses, 4 ties, 16 district championships, 4 regional championships, and 1 state championship in 2000.  His teams made the playoffs 23 times, and he was voted coach of the year 16 times during 40 years of coaching high school football in the Commonwealth. He ranks as one of the top 10 coaches with the most wins in Virginia High School League Football History.
King William's Got Talent - November 16, 2013 - Sponsored by the King William Education Foundation

The King William Education Foundation is sponsoring King William's Got Talent on Saturday, November 16, 2013 beginning at 6:00 p.m. in the King William High School Gymnasium. Those interested in performing can pick up an application at each of the schools or by clicking here.  Those individuals not performing may join us to cheer on participants. To view a copy of the flyer, please click here.

New Access to HHMS Library

Check out the new

HHMS Library Catalog


Coming soon, students will be able to login, put books on hold, add books to their own booklists, and access databases for research and general information.

Hamilton-Holmes Middle School 2013-2014 Supply Lists

2013-2014 Supply Lists

Click here for a copy of the HHMS supply list for 2013 -2014 in Word

Click here for a copy of the HHMS supply list for 2013 -2014 in PDF


Notice is hereby given that the School Board of King William County will hold a Public Hearing on the Code of Student Conduct for the 2013-14 school year on Tuesday, July 16, 2013 at 6:00 p.m. in the atrium at Hamilton Holmes Middle School. The regular meeting will begin following the Public Hearing with a Closed Session at the Regular Meeting.

All interested persons may appear and present their views regarding the Code of Student Conduct at the above time and place.

Summer Reading -Read for fun!

Check out resources through our library page.  

Teacher Appreciation Week

During this week join us in recognizing all of our teachers for their outstanding work with the students in King William.  Their commitment and dedication to the young people under their tutelage is seen everyday in the care each provides to their students.  We appreciate all that they do. 

School Nutrition Employee Appreciation Week -May 6-10, 2013

Please join the Virginia Department of Education and King William County Schools in recognizing the important contributions that school nutrition employees provide to the success of our students.  Celebrate the professional commitments made every school day by school nutrition employees across the Commonwealth.  The importance and nutritional value of school meals are well documented.  For many children, school lunch is the most important and nutrient-rich meal of their day.

Between preparing healthy meals for Virginia’s students, adhering to strict nutrition standards, navigating student food allergies, and offering service with a smile, school nutrition professionals are integral to the success of our students.  To kick off School Nutrition Employee Appreciation Week, Friday, May 3 is designated as School Lunch Superhero Day. The day aims to highlight the ways in which school nutrition professionals make a difference for every child who comes through the cafeteria.  School nutrition employees must balance many roles and follow numerous federal, state, and local regulations to ensure safe and healthy meals are available in schools.  They provide nutrition education to students and use their creativity to make the cafeteria a fun and welcoming place. The new federal nutrition standards for school meals went into effect this school year.  These new standards are intended to ensure that every school lunch provides students a well-balanced meal offering low-fat or fat-free milk, fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean protein.  School meals also meet limits on calories, sodium and unhealthy fats.  The professionals in school nutrition have embraced these changes with enthusiasm.

School Nutrition Employee Week is the perfect opportunity to recognize the hardworking professionals in school cafeterias. 


Apple of our Eye - Mrs. Kathy Gilman

Congratulations to 8th grade English teacher Mrs. Kathy Gilman for being selected by students as the Apple of Our Eye.  Mrs. Gilman is described by  her students as an amazing teacher who makes learning English fun. Her students feel that she understands them and helps them in many ways; not just as their English teacher, but as someone who cares about them. HHMS is proud to honor Mrs. Gilman!

HHMS May Employee of the Month

Hamilton-Holmes Middle is proud to name Ms.Elaine Perdew as Employee of the Month. Ms. Perdew has been teaching over twenty years and is
currently instructing students in sixth grade science. Forming student relationships, knowing her students strengths, and keeping parents abreast of student progress are some of Ms. Perdew’s attributes. Ms. Perdew has served as grade level leader and school liaison for the PTA. Most recently, Ms. Perdew took on the challenge of coordinating an overnight incentive reward celebration for all sixth grade students that passed one, two, three, or four of their benchmark assessments for the third nine weeks. In addition, Ms. Perdew has organized end of the year awards ceremonies and field trips to the Math Science Innovation Center. It is with great pleasure that Hamilton-Holmes Middle School recognizes Ms. Elaine Perdew for this award.

Jason Roane - Employee of the Month Jason Roane

Hamilton-Holmes Middle School is proud to name Mr. Jason Roane as Employee of the Month for April 2013.  Mr. Roane has served on the custodial team for five years.  He is a conscientious worker that is always busy completing his work.  Mr. Roane arrives on time to work daily and takes pride in keeping Hamilton-Holmes looking its best each day.  He willingly works events on the weekends for community use of the school.  Mr. Roane is diligent to his responsibilities and does so with a positive attitude.  He is a very productive member of the custodial team here at Hamilton-Holmes.  It is with great pleasure that Mr. Roane be recognized for this award.


HHMS Teacher of the Year Mrs. Sara Rowe

       HHMS proudly recognizes Mrs. Sara Rowe as the Teacher of the Year. 


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HHMS students vist VMFA HHMS students at the VMFA

HHMS Art Students Visit VMFA

Story and Photo by Tina Oberg


Hamilton-Holmes Middle School students enrolled in Art 8 and Graphic Art 8 recently visited the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts in Richmond. Students were given a fifty minute guided tour of the museum where they learned about VMFA and its extensive collection of art. Students saw art that spans over 6,000 years of history and represents most major world cultures. After having lunch in the VMFA Best Café, students completed a scavenger hunt

HHMS February Employee of the Month
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March Employee of the Month Brandi Hulsey
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HHMS Geography Bee
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HHMS OM Team wins First Place

HHMS Odyssey of the Mind Team Wins First Place

Story by Kim Tupponce

Photo by Shelley Gibson

The “Blue Balsa Builders” team from Hamilton-Holmes Middle School won 1st place in the “Tumble-wood” challenge in the regional Odyssey of the Mind competition at New Kent Middle School on Saturday, March 2. The team’s problem was to design and build a single structure with a weight limit of only 15 grams using balsa wood and glue. They also wrote and performed a creative skit that effectively met the challenge to incorporate the construction into a commercial in which the structure was released down a ramp across the floor and transported to a testing area without the team touching the structure. Their balsa wood structure supported 185 pounds on the tester before breaking. Team members pictured left to right are: Jenna Barnard, Andrew Stampley, Jacob Gibson, Seth Bliley, Colin Baldwin, Cyrus Davis, and Landon Smith. Team coaches were parent volunteers Laurie Davis, David Smith, and Angela Baldwin. The HHMS team will advance to the Odyssey of the Mind State Finals Tournament on April 13.  HHMS wishes them the best of luck in the state competition!




Daylight Saving Time Begins

Daylight Saving Time begins at 2:00 a.m. on March 10, 2013 and reverts to standard time on the first Sunday in November.  Clocks are set forward by one hour to permit longer daylight during the afternoon.

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HHMS Geography Bee Finalists On January 9, 2013, ten students will compete in the Hamilton Holmes Middle School 2013 National Geographic Bee, sponsored by the National Geographic Society and Google, to determine the school champion.
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