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Welcome to Hamilton-Holmes Middle School’s website.  Thank you for taking the time to learn more about our school. Hamilton-Holmes is the home of 600 Vikings in sixth, seventh, and eighth grades.  Housed in this facility are 52 s...


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HHMS On- Line Bookfair

The HHMS Bookfair will be held May 2 - May 5 at the library.

 We are also hosting the HHMS Online Bookfair.  Click below and check it out!

HHMS Online Bookfair

HHMS Employee of the Month - Julie Peck Julie Peck

Hamilton-Holmes Middle School would like to recognize Mrs. Julie Peck as the Employee of the Month of April.  Mrs. Peck is a supportive and caring teacher who helps her students any way that she can.  She is one to never give up on her students and works hard to provide them with the tools they need to be successful in her class and beyond.  Students in Mrs. Peck’s class learn how math plays a role in their everyday life and how it impacts them.  However, the greatest impact comes from Mrs. Peck’s connect and devotion to each and every student. 

In addition to her responsibilities as a classroom teacher, Mrs. Peck also serves as a grade level leader.  Her preparation as well as her abilities to organize and plan has been instrumental in grade level events this year.  Mrs. Peck’s ongoing service and dedication makes Hamilton-Holmes Middle School a better place.  We proudly recognize Mrs. Peck as the April Employee of the Month.

HHMS Employee of the Month - Tina Oberg Tina Oberg

Hamilton-Holmes Middle School would like to recognize Mrs. Tina Oberg as the Employee of the Month for March.  Mrs. Oberg is a strong and supportive mentor to her students.  She works to develop and mold their creativity while inspiring their appreciation for the arts. The artwork Mrs. Oberg’s students create add character to our school and help brighten the hallways.

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HHMS Employee of the Month - Christie Davis Christie Davis

Hamilton-Holmes Middle School would like to recognize Mrs. Christie Davis as the Employee of the Month for February.  From the start of the day to the dismissal bell, you will find multiple students stopping by Mrs. Davis’s room to check in and say ‘Hi’.  Both current and former students are drawn to the charisma and support Mrs. Davis projects.  It’s not uncommon for Mrs. Davis to have to remind visiting students that it is time for class, but they can check in with her at lunch or the next class change.  

The connection Mrs. Davis works to establish with her students consistently carries over to her classes.  This rapport and respect strengthens the opportunity for meaningful class discussions while also building a positive classroom environment.  Students know that Mrs. Davis is someone they can talk and laugh with and will always be there to listen.  These connections are what make our school a better place.  We proudly recognize Mrs. Davis as the February Employee of the Month.

HHMS Gives to the Local Animal Shelter Pennies for Pets

     Hamilton-Holmes Middle School sponsored the Pennies for Pets fund drive to benefit the Regional Animal Shelter.  Students raised $1,104.45 to help the rescue efforts of the homeless and abused animals in the community.  All funds will be used for the shelter’s Sunshine fund which helps with spray/neuter surgeries, medical treatments for sick or injured strays, adoption promotions and special accommodations like dog treats and toys.    

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HHMS partners with Arena Racing USA

Come out to the Richmond Coliseum on Saturday, February 25th 7pm to support our school and cheer on two of our students, Chase Burrow and Jay Seward, as they race around the arena in 1/2 scale stock cars.  Tickets for this race are only $16!  You can receive a FREE Kids ticket (12 & under) with your purchase of an Adult ticket.


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HHMS Employee of the Month - Brett Burch The Incredible Mr. Burch

Hamilton-Holmes Middle School would like to recognize Mr. Brett Burch as the Employee of the Month for January.  Mr. Burch is the definition of an unsung hero for our school.  He is someone who gets to work early and then volunteers to stay late to help set up for an after school activity.  Without question, Mr. Burch is constantly ready and willing to go the extra mile to help anyone in need.  From students to staff, Mr. Burch is always one that can be counted on to step in and work to make a difference. 

From character to academics to athletics, Mr. Burch holds high expectations for his students.  He truly cares about those he works with and is a pivotal role model in the lives of those he mentors.  Our school is truly a better place with the impact Mr. Burch has had over the last ten years and continues to make each day.  We are proud to recognize Mr. Burch as the January Employee of the Month. 

HHMS Employee of the Month - Valerie Pinkney Val Pinkney

Hamilton-Holmes would like to recognize Ms. Valerie Pinkney as the Employee of the Month for December.  Most are not able to tell that this is Ms. Pinkney's first year with the division. From the start, she has developed partnerships within the school staff and has worked to apply her extensive educational experiences to enhance our school's programs.  Ms. Pinkney has created strong connections with her students and strives to foster an appreciation of literacy throughout her instruction.

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Art Classes Celebrates Native American Heritage Month Students working on Native American Art Project

In celebration of Native American Heritage Month, Art 7 students created a functional, three-dimensional rain stick using cardboard, craft sticks, tape, rice, paint, feathers, and paper mache'. "It was fun to make, I liked using the Native American symbols because they all tell a story," student Emma Toney said. 

HHMS Employee of the Month - Barbara Taylor Barbara Taylor

Hamilton-Holmes would like to recognize Mrs. Barbara Taylor as the Employee of the Month.  Ms. Taylor’s reach is not confined to one room.  Her daily impact is seen throughout the school with her ongoing support and positive attitude.  There is often a line of students waiting to check in and talk with Ms. Taylor every morning.  Ms. Taylor is always placing her students in positions to be successful and never fails to goes the extra mile to ensure students are receiving an encouraging educational experience. 

Ms. Taylor has also stepped in this year to provide support and guidance to our staff in meeting the needs of students who may be struggling.  Her leadership and experience working with students has been instrumental in setting our students up for success at Hamilton-Holmes.  We are privileged to have Ms. Taylor as a member of the HHMS family and are proud to have her as our Employee of the Month.

HHMS Employee of the Month - Veronica Rosso V Rosso

Hamilton-Holmes would like to recognize Mrs. Veronica Rosso as the Employee of the Month.  Mrs. Rosso recently joined the Hamilton-Holmes family as the school’s bookkeeper in July and has been an outstanding addition to our school.  From her first day, she has jumped into any situation to help without hesitation.  Even when planning the division’s teacher convocation, Mrs. Rosso stepped up to sing the Star Spangled Banner and received a standing ovation. 

Mrs. Rosso always makes sure that everyone is taken care of and that everything is in order.  She consistently works behind the scenes to take care of the students and staff of Hamilton-Holmes from balancing the books to leading our recent Muffins with Mom program.  Mrs. Rosso was pivotal in making our first Muffins with Mom for the school year an outstanding success.  We are so fortunate to have Mrs. Rosso as a member of our school and know that she will continue to bring a smile to the face of everyone that she meets.  It is clear why the staff of Hamilton-Holmes recognized Mrs. Rosso for our Employee of the Month.

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