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Principal’s message Welcome to Hamilton-Holmes Middle School! I am proud to serve as your principal as we navigate the best three years of our students’ academic journey!  My most exciting educational experiences are the accomplis...


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HHMS Employee of the Month - Calvin Darity Calvin Darity

Hamilton-Holmes Middle School is happy to announce the Employee of the Month is Mr. Calvin Darity. While Mr. Darity is new to Hamilton-Holmes Middle School, it is important to mention that he is new to his position as well.  He has been tasked with developing a new program, learning the culture in a middle school, and identifying the educational and social needs of his students. Mr. Darity is working diligently to make the School Within a School program a huge success.  He is dedicated to our students. On numerous occasions he takes on students, who were not assigned to him, just to help them out. He never turns a child away who needs assistance. He is truly making a difference with some of our students who need us the most. Mr. Darity is a valuable member of our faculty and we are lucky to have him on our team.

HHMS Employee of the Month - Tess Bogue Tess Bogue

Hamilton-Holmes is pleased to announce Tess Bogue as October’s Employee of the Month.  Mrs. Bogue has been an incredible help and resource to new members of our faculty. She is always willing to collaborate with her colleagues to ensure consistency for our students. She is available to lend support to her peers when challenges surface working to identify resolutions to every issue. She is a wonderful team player!  She accepts each student for who they are, and she tries her hardest to reach every student and is very accommodating to all. She is always smiling, spreading positive energy to the eighth grade hallway. Her classroom is extremely structured, yet fun and interactive.  We are lucky to have Tess Bogue as part of our Viking family.

HHMS Employee of the Month - Robin Davis Robin Davis

Hamilton-Holmes Middle School is excited to announce September’s Employee of the Month, Mrs. Robin Davis. Robin works across all three grade levels to serve the students at Hamilton-Holmes. Most importantly, Robin strives to build relationships with her students and all of her colleagues.  We can always depend on her to provide her expertise in any given situation.  While she takes care of the physical well-being of the entire student body, she is often the “go to” person when students simply need someone to listen.  Mrs. Davis was tasked with making sure all sixth graders had their T-Dap shots up to date. This process is tedious and she always takes meticulous efforts to complete this efficiently.  She often works after the day has ended to properly complete data entry to keep records current, ensuring that we properly meet the needs of all those she serves. Mrs. Davis is a strong asset to Hamilton Holmes Middle School and we are very lucky to have her as our nurse!

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